Puerto Rico Police Truck Drives over Activist and Arrests

UNETE Enciende tu Coraje

Weeks ago we heard how the Puerto Rico Police Department suffered from measures caused by the Promesa Law and had not been paid their overtime hours.

Most of the cops reacted with what some call the "Blue Flu" using their sick days in a form to protest in mas the fact they had not been paid.

Protesting those responsible for Puerto Rico's Crisis

Yesterday a group of activists led by a local grassroots group "Jornada: Se acabaron las Promesas" created an event to burn Political Effigies in San Juan's Financial district also known as La Milla de Oro.

According to those at the event, everything went as scheduled. Until the cops decided to tow a vehicle the Activists had used as transportation.

If you live on the Island you would know that it's not normal for cops to tow vehicles away. Even when those vehicles have no tags, are abandoned. I can walk down my street and find vehicles abandoned and vandalized after Maria and they have not been moved in months.

One Activist is Hurt Those than when to Give First Aid are Arrested

The activists intended to stop the truck moving their vehicle when one of the activists was run over by the truck and chaos broke out.

Fellow activists when to give the victim First Aid and where also arrested and abuse of force was definitely used.

For me it's hard to watch the video without getting angry and these cops who swore to protect us but have decided they are there to protect the bigger interested even when those bigger interests have and will continue to screw them over.

It's hard to Support Puerto Rico "Finest" when they turn their backs consistently on the people they are supposed to serve. 

It's hard to understand what is going through the minds of these cops but just look at the actions they take when educated people go out on the streets to stop the many cases of abuse by the government locally.

Watch the video showing clips of when the vehicle ran over the activist below and reach your own conclusions.

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