Puerto Rico Firefighter Rescues Dog

As I am getting ready for a meeting with a client I was able to see a tweet sent out by our friends over at @sasfapr.

The Tweet is congratulating of our Local Firefighters who rescued what seems to be a Pit-Bull or Pit Bull mix from a fire.

The video was uploaded by Eliezer Ramos on his youtube page and shows a firefighter going above and beyond to rescue the scared dog.

Heroic Act

Way to many times we don’t take enough time to congratulate these small gestures of kindness and bravery. In a country where stray dogs run rampant and many still don’t take good care of their dogs and other pets I love to put the focus on those that truly care like this outstanding firefighter.

A big applause for the firefighter and does that saved another life. Watching this video definitely made me smile.

Docile Dog

I also like the fact that a dog breed with such a bad reputation demonstrated he was as docile as any other dog breed. Not sure if it would have been a Chihuahua it would have been as easy to rescue the dog.

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