Not all Coconut Oil is Created Equal

Tyson Adams - 1st day of Misfit Con

Many of us think of changing the world some day.

You and I have the best of intentions of making that happen.

I am lucky that many of my friends are already changing their part of the world. If you are here, then I am sure you also started making positive changes to benefit those around you.

Tyson and Jessica - Closing Misfit Con 2015

Meet Tyson Adams

Last year at the second Misfit Con, I met Tyson Adams.

Tyson is a creative entrepreneur. For the past 7+ years he has chosen  Southeast Asia as a place to support farmers and their communities.

Tyson is constantly impacting many lives, in parts of the world that some of us would never think of visiting.

Years ago, my friends AJ and Melissa Leon launched an entrepreneur challenge. They offered to help someone with a business idea that would make the world a better place.

I remember I sat down and wrote my proposal. It was a good exercise to sort of create what I thought was a brief business plan.

I remember getting an email and hearing that an individual with a great idea won.

Founder of the World’s 1st Philanthropic Roaster

When I heard of Tyson’s plan to create Jhai Coffee House, I understood very well why he won and deserved the prize.

Jhai is the world’s first completely philanthropic coffee roaster & café.

Months later, the Misfits grouped up and created the World’s First Philanthropic Coffee Roasters. Tyson built a business in Laos to help locals.

Building Schools and Giving People Running Water

Different to many non-for-profits who are started and we rarely see the work, Tyson’s project has built water wells and schools.

Tyson also lives in Laos for a good amount of the time. He makes sure that resources identified go towards those projects.

I saw Tyson again this year at Misfit Con. After coming back from Fargo, I have had a few conversations with him over the internet.

Tyson is always creating and building awesome new things.

More importantly, Tyson is focused on quality, something many entrepreneurs ignore. He is awesome at building everything. From relationships to successful projects, Tyson is such a great human being, that I don’t know who can put advice into words better than him.

Not all Coconut Oil is Created Equal

I want to support Tyson on this new project because I see the benefits for everyone.

Thanks to Tyson I began to understand that “Not all Coconut Oil is created equal”.

Watch the video and you will understand why.

Tyson - 1st day of Misfit Con