Nobody’s Perfect, Not even My Favorite Airline

An Example to Follow In Social Media

Everyone who is close to me they know I am a Big Fan of U.S. Domestic Airline @Jetblue. I have always admired how their company is so aligned to Customer Service when you compare it to other Airlines.

Today while updating myself on the latest posts and news on Mashable I read about how they once again demonstrated their Leadership and how they are an Example to follow handling their online presence.

Today they posted a blog post in relation to the current issue that a Jetblue Crew Member quit his job after apparently having an altercation with a passenger and leaving the plane via the Emergency Exit Inflatable Slide.
Sometimes the weird news is about us…
It wouldn’t be fair for us to point out absurdities in other corners of the industry without acknowledging when it’s about us.
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I think it is admirable that @jetblue took the time to recognize the incident on their blog in a careful matter since their is an ongoing investigation. They also linked a CNN Video related to the Incident. I would like to congratulate @mhjohnston (online voice of @jetblue) and his team for handling the incident online they way they did.

This incident has spread like wild fire via the Internet with most of the people online showing support for Steven Slater with Facebook Support Fan Pages, Youtube Videos, and even Nancy Grace CNN Headlines News Host commented on the incident.

“Typically, I’m against the flight attendant because they’ve got the power, they’ve got the peanuts. … But in this scenario the woman apparently shut the overhead bin on his head! I don’t blame him for grabbing two beers and taking the emergency slide. I’d be mad if he didn’t.” Nancy Grace

In my opinion we are all human and sometimes people are so inconsiderate that we might lose our temper. As for Jetblue being affected in a negative way, I would disagree since most of us that use @jetblue as our first option to fly have had more positive experiences than negative ones. At the end of the day Air Travel is never something people see as a positive event.
Once again a big Applause for the @jetblue online team and
I really hope that this flight attendant does not suffer any further consequences.
As for me I am already thinking on where I am flying next with @jetblue! If only they flew directly out my home town of Ponce to more places!
Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

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