Mophie Best Solution for IOS7 Battery Drain

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These last few days I have been leaving the house more often and going to meetings. I normally take care of clients from the comfort of my home office. I don’t worry much about not having enough battery on my phone because I can always plug it to the charger or use Lucy’s phone.

Mophie iPhone External Battery Pack for  iOS 7 Battery Drain

Since I upgraded to iOS 7 I realize that my phone has been eating up my battery very quickly. Many of the features of iOS 7 are pretty neat and very practical but having the battery go out faster is definitely a negative aspect.

I usually carry two external batteries (a Powerstation and a Juice Pack Helium) all the time in my laptop bag because I never want to be disconnected from my clients.

Protective Case and No Cables Needed

For me the easiest battery to carry is the Juice Pack Helium Case for the iPhone 5. I don’t have to carry any extra cables and it also serves as a case to protect my phone. This is actually the 4th Mophie product I own without counting the many times I have bought these as a practical gift to family and friends because of the awesome customer service their team has given me.

There are a few tricks to help you save battery but if you find useful those iOS 7 features that eat your battery, I recommend carrying an extra battery pack for your Mophie.

I am also very thankful of Victor Henley from the Mophie Marketing team for giving me a complimentary battery charger for my iPhone 5 this past March at SXSWi.

So if you want to make sure your not going to run out of battery and if you live in the tropics during Hurricane Season, its probably a good idea to have a few these around.

Juice Pack Helium for Mophie

Disclosure: Even though our Complimentary Sample of the Mophie Juice Pack Helium was given to me by the Mophie Sales Team , we don’t feel that this influenced the writing of this post in any way.