Hardcore Mega Apple & Mac Fan

Since I bought my first MacBook I have been able to understand how people can become Apple Fan’s.

 A Real Apple and Mac Fan

One of the most interesting experiences I had while being present at the @chirp Twitter Developer Conference was how Apple has pretty much captured a good market of very influential people.

Chirp Developer Conference

Chirp Developer Conference Day 1 Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco, CA

While visiting a Starbucks in Puerto Rico I ran into someone who seems to be a huge fan of Apple to the Point that he carries his Apple Mac Desktop with her everywhere.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Si pensabas que eres fan de apple esta persona te gana. on Twitpic

Starbucks Plaza Caparra | San Juan, PR June 1, 2010. (Click Image for Better Resolution)
I think I have never seen such a hard core apple  apple products fan. She even carries the non-mobile apple products everywhere?
I sincerely think Apple should give this person a macbook air.
What am I going to see next? Someone carrying an apple TV (although I am sure the new apple tv is a lot easier to carry) and plugging it in a Doctor’s office?
What brands or devices are you such a fan of (or see other people that are) that you or they can disconnect from them?
By the way I was told by the staff and regulars at that starbucks that she never buys any products she just consumes wi-fi and electricity!