Lessons in Creativity from Cee Loo & Mick Jagger

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Very impressed with the grammy’s. I had not experienced such a fun Grammy Awards since watching @ricky_martin doing his “Cup Of Life” performance in the late 90’s. Another treat was seeing @ricky_martin present Lady Gaga (you all know how much of a Fan I am of Ricky and the lessons he taught me in Social Media Relations)

I really enjoyed the great performances by Lady Gaga, Tribute to Aretha Franklin, Justin Bieber (yes I really think the kid has talent), Jaden Smith, Mick Jagger, Barbara Streisand, Dr. Dre, and my favorite Cee Loo’s performance with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Two perfomances really caught my attention the Cee Loo’s performance and Mick Jagger’s.

Cee Loo’s performance had a very unique touch from customs, puppets, great combination with Gwyneth, and many other factors. His creativity and authenticity led him to be for me the most outstanding performance in years and the one of the night.

Mick Jagger’s performance was full of his trademark moves which after so many decades have kept his audience engaged and earning new fans of various ages even at 67. @lucymfel even mentioned that he was the owner of the Skinny Jeans look. When you see Mick Jagger perform you can see its purely and authentically him.

A while back I had written on how @calle13oficial’s definitions of Authenticity and I have to say that the best performances last sunday where aligned to authenticity.

How does your creativity make your efforts stand out above all others?