What makes U original from @calle13oficial & @visitante13

5 New Definitions on Authenticity

Reading other blogs, I find great ideas from other bloggers but I rather comment on the there blog than writing a separate blog post about it (unless I think that I can put a spin on it).

I was trying to find what is authentic is about. I see in most occasions how being authentic has long term benefits.

People I consider successful are very original & genuine. Although I try every day on making it a great day, my priority is being Genuine. I would love to have the writing skills of the bloggers which I daily read their blogs.  (I highly recommend you to the same, although I am sure that you already do)

@chrisbrogan http://chrisbrogan.com
@thebrandbuilder http://thebrandbuilder.wordpress.com/
@suzannevera http://kherize5.com/blog/
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@modernmami http://www.modernmami.com/

While auditing my authenticity, I ran into this interview of @calle13oficial (VIDEO) on which taught me a few things that I have listed below the video:


5 Definitions on Originality from Rene @Residente & his brother @visitante13

New Definition of Originality – Not trying to be original, just trying to flow with your creativity.~ @visitante13. Being uncool is not being original.~@calle13oficial  In my words be yourself & don’t copy others.

Being Honest  & Consistent – Being able to communicate your beliefs. @calle13oficial has expressed in the past and this video what he feels about our current governor (Puerto Rico). Many people might disagree, but at the end, if more people where as honest as him things would be very different not only in Puerto Rico but outside.  However, I rather criticize and attack a person’s ideas than them as a human being.

What Style is? – For @calle13oficial being yourself is your style.

Learning and Investing time with Family – They get inspiration from family and have the opportunity to work with them blending work and personal time. I think for many working with family might not be an option. So being able to operate as a business and a family in their industry makes them even more unique.

Diversity – By learning something new from a different culture, another type of music, another country, or just learning about various subjects you can actually fusion being yourself into being someone very original. That is why I think they create great music because of the diverse environment and the various people they have around them.

I am going to take a bit of what I learned today from this video and try to keep on doing what I was doing previously finding my inspiration into what I can call my creations.

The only question has he compared Ruben Blades with Bob Dylan, did he take away from Ruben’s Authenticity. What do you think?

What makes you different?
What types of music do you like? Food have you tried out?
What inspires you?