It’s Not Only Waterproof, It’s Really Lifeproof

Isla Verde Sunset

This past March  while at SXSW 2013 I was handed a case by the LifeProof Marketing and Public Relations team, Natalie Barreiro & Barbara Meyer, for my most used gadget the iPhone 5 .

Till this day I have the Lifeproof case on my iPhone 5 .  Since I live in front of the beach I tend to be in the water often and surrounded by sand if we spend some time outside.

LIfeproof Review Sample

Capturing Moments in the Water

I initially thought it would be great to have the lifeproof so I could take pictures of our family in the water and even take videos of some of the fun.

Yes I do use the Lifeproof in water (and high humidity)  in  different ways than I initially thought I would use it.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Less Stress during activities

I have less stress using my iPhone 5 with my Lifeproof case when I do the following:

Go for a run

Living on a tropical island it is very common to go for a 6 mile run and then get hit with a rain shower or two along the way. That mixed with the sweat from running can bring a lot of humidity to my phone. With the Lifeproof I no longer have to put my phone inside a ziploc bag. I can quickly pop my phone in my armband and run.

Boot Camp by Personal Trainer.


My friend Melvin invites me to go Kayaking every once in a while. I also received a Lifeproof Lifejacket to make sure I could take my phone and not have it sink in the ocean. Now I can take pictures of our coast from a Kayak.


There are many occasions where my daughter is playing with water or simply moving liquids from one side to the other near my phone. On other occasions I might take her out to the beach for a few minutes and I want to have my phone handy in case of any emergency. If I have to jump into the water to ensure the safety of my toddler, I don’t have to have the after thought of a damaged phone because of the Lifeproof case.

Daniela Enjoying the Water

Headache Proof

In the past when I  had accidents with my iOS Apple devices, I realized that it is critical for me to protect them from what can be an expensive and very complicated process of replacing one. I replaced my Macbook Pro 13 inch because I spilled Ginger Ale on it. I wish I had my laptop in a Lifeproof at that moment.

Protected from Falls

Knowing that my Lifeproof also protects the phone from falls while being very light keeps me wanting to favor the Lifeproof over any other case.

I have also seen many other professionals such as chef’s,  bakers, and mechanics that have to get messy to do their jobs use the Lifeproof so they can have their phone handy and out of harms way when they are working.

After using the Lifeproof for many months, I have to say that I highly recommend the case.

Every  picture on this post  was taken seamlessly with my iPhone 5 in the Lifeproof case. 

Disclosure: Even though we received a review sample of the Reyneau iPhone 5 case, we don’t feel that this influenced the writing of this post in any way.