Is a Debit Card an Authorized Id for Travel?

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Some pretty good discussions have popped up on my previous post LAX TSA Supervisor Says I need a US Passport To Travel To Puerto Rico.

I have not done some research at in no moment have I found that a Debit card is a valid form of identification to use for travel. When the TSA Agent and supervisor decided they did not want to take my Puerto Rico License and they both told me that I needed a Passport they ended up allowing me thru security with my debit card.

I have travelled since I was 16 years old mostly using the Puerto Rico License and this is the first instance where they have not taken my Puerto Rico License as a valid one.

I am really thinking that some banks might be able to help you open a a bank account counting their debit card or credit card as a valid means of ID.

Has anyone found where it is valid for someone to travel with a supposedly non-valid id with a picture and a debit card?


photo credit by Ciaran McGuiggan