Tasty Beer Fries & More at La Taberna Lúpulo

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This is post three on my Igniting a Revolution Series.

As part of my series I will be creating reviews of places that I see are really focused on improving customer service in Puerto Rico from many aspects. Here is my latest review on a place that clearly focuses on enhancing customer Experience.

Back in March I went out for drinks with a bunch of local and international geeks that where visiting the Island and we ended up at La Taberna Lúpulo.

La Taberna Lúpulo is set in the famous Calle San Sebastian in Old San Juan.

Entering La Taberna Lúpulo you probably would not see much of a difference from the outside since Old San Juan’s architecture seems to be very uniformed and consistent.

When entering into La Taberna Lúpulo, you will quickly see the bar, some tables, and in the back a small courtyard with some murals.

The bar has a variety of beers (according to there Facebook Page 50 taps & 150 options) that you might not easily find at other local bars. They also have a good variety in spirits, most importantly they have Jack Daniel’s and Jack Daniel’s Honey (all I need at a bar).

The bartenders and staff are very friendly. On my last visit it was a little over 1 am and I asked for the beer fries. They where closing and starting to clean the kitchen and they where nice enough to make a batch for me.

I like Fries I Love Beer Fries

I am a fan of fries but these Beer fries had the perfect seasoning and crisp to them. Something I might go back and try again while having a drink or two.

While sitting at the place I saw how detail oriented the staff was. The staff would make its rounds and ensure the tables and bar where in order. For some strange reason this rarely happens at other local bars. While I was in college I worked at several bars, and I know how messy a table can get if one is not clearing it off constantly.

I love when people take care of their work environments. I become a bigger fan when they enhance the customer experience. Other people might not have noticed this action, but my friend Melvin and I observed how in a matter of minutes the individual who went out of the bar to fix the tables and bar, eliminated all clutter and made the place more attractive for someone to sit and have a drink.

A few minutes later new patrons arrived at the bar demonstrating how important it is to keep everything in order. Some people might try to tie a business metric to setting up chairs in the right order but it is only common sense that customers like to walk into places that look clean and orderly.

I think La Taberna Lúpulo has become the place I will go to have drinks when I am in Old San Juan. If you are in Old San Juan and are looking for a neat place to sit, chat, and have a drink I highly recommend La Taberna Lúpulo and ask for the beer fries.

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