I Can and I Will #JaneTheVirgin

Morning Walk Isla Verde

As I did my morning writing exercise this morning I clearly did not see anything I wanted to publish.

I went on my morning walk  with my dog and flipping through my phone I saw the Latino Rebels had written a post on Gina Rodriguez.

Many of you already know Gina from Jane The Virgin. Jane the Virgin is the funniest comedy quasi telenovela I have seen since the original “Betty La Fea”.

Gina Rodriguez The Golden Globe Winner

Gina won a Golden Globe as the Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series (comedy or musical). Here is Gina Rodriguez’s Golden Globes Speech of Acceptance.

Fans of Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin’s writing is excellent, actors are awesome, and let’s not forget, Anthony Mendez , The Narrator of the show, who is a favorite at our home.

As fans of Jane The Virgin we have been anxious to see the next episodes in a couple of days.  That has lead me to do some research on the cast and their backgrounds.

Ivonne Coll one of my favorite actresses (who is also Puerto Rican) even influenced my three words for this year.

Gina’s Awesome Dad

But after watching many interviews of Gina Rodriguez ,I really like how she spotlights her dad. Even more admirable when it’s on the Golden Globes stage accepting her award.

As a Dad of a 4 year old daughter I am sure I could learn a many things from him.

Her emotional acceptance speech highlighted some of her milestones. At where Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are seen as global idols, having someone like Gina and her character truly highlights many of the hidden values of hispanic culture.

Take a few minutes and listen to the interview below where she highlights her dad.

Nurturing Your Support Systems

Gina has done a lot in her life and from what I have read she has fought her way up. It is clear her family was there to support her along the way.

We all need support systems to help us thrive in any environment. But an important part of having those support systems is to nurture them like Gina and her dad have done over the years.

Words to Repeat

So as a simple exercise today go near a loved one and make them start their next day repeating those magical words.

“Today is going to be a great day. I can and I will.” Gina’s Dad

I am sure one day in the future, they will be repeating, “I can and I did.” Maybe it will be on a big stage similar to the Golden Globes.

Bravo Gina, Bravo.