Getting People Involved In Giving


Creating a Need Both Ways

I am currently involved in working on the online presence of a non for profit the Women Leadership Network (My Company CIMA IT Solutions has been hired to serve as community manager and helping them with their social media strategy).

One of the greatest obstacles is to get people involved. Most of the time it is difficult to get people interested in giving or participating in charity events or non-for profits.

While reading a tweet from @rohitbhargava on a post of his blog which caught my eye given my latest post (Step 1: To Improve Puerto Rico’s Economy) on the Milestone our Local Beer Medalla currently accomplished. 

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I really enjoyed his post but what really caught my eye was the following video which gave me a few ideas or at least starting points on getting people involved:

I think that other than really making a great commercial and implementing humor into it, we can learn a few things on how to effectively run a Charity Event or Non-For Profit Effort:

Lessons Learned:

Free Item (in this case beer) for every article you donate

When genuine altruism is absent we might need to have something to trigger a donation. We really need to sell the benefits of why you need to donate if all that fails try to get discounts or agreements with locally based companies. Maybe creating a special event with at a venue who can serve as sponsor might be a great idea.

Find a Common Interest in Your Target Audience (they all wanted Beer)

If you find something that many people can relate too they will eventually all be part of it. Then you get leverage and interaction from people other than you to reach those goals quicker.

Get More People to Invest or Sacrifice for Others ( you did see someone sacrifice their last piece of clothing to get someone else a But Light)

Since there was a common interest some people where willing to sacrifice themselves to ensure that everyone was involved in the benefits of donating. If people see the benefit they will eventually give a bit more even if they don’t receive the direct benefit.

What other good qualities did you see from the humorous ad?


Can you bring other ideas which can help people involved in a charity event or a non-for profit effort?

How are you giving towards the many efforts and how do you convince others to get involved?

Please Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments area.