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Yesterday I had the opportunity to write a guest post on @margieclayman’s blog one of the most creative and funny people I have met. I really enjoy her posts and how she has been able to find a community of people who share great content on her blog.

Margie creates a mix of humor, experiences, and a lot of creativity to teach everyone about adequate online presence.

If you missed my guest post feel free to visit  Create a Unique Customer Experience Using Foursquare.

I highly recommend you to read my  5 recent favorite Margie Clayman blog posts.

  1. I’m calling you out
  2. What a candy store can teach you about Social Media
  3. Are You Ready To Be Spiderman?
  4. The Roy Orbison Guide to Preventing Imitation
  5. Madonna, Lady Gaga, and You

I know I said 5 but my favorite post from Margie Clayman was published in @pushingsocial

5 Social Media Lessons From Tim Burton

Did you find any more interesting posts on Margie Clayman’s Blog?