Feel Your Music Everywhere – Bass Egg


Every year during March I do my annual pilgrimage with a bunch of other geeks over to Austin during the South by Southwest Interactive Festival.

I usually find something unique at the tradeshow and this year it happened to be  Bass Egg.

I was walking with Antuan, a designer from Puerto Rico, when he brought me over to the Bass Egg booth where they were demonstrating what pretty much looked like a futuristic egg, where a tiny robot would hatch from at any moment.


I was amazed at how it created sound via vibrations, making any surface it sat on, a speaker. I demoed the product and spoke to John P. one of their representatives mentioning the fact that I would like to review one for this blog. I emailed them after SXSW and in a matter of a few days, I got my review sample for the Bass Egg.

Easy To Carry Everywhere

For the past few months I have taken the Bass Egg around the Island and even on my latest trip to Chicago where it was played over the largest surface I have tried yet, hardwood floor that was installed in the 1960’s.


Experimenting with Surfaces

What I like about this product is how even the packaging makes you get creative.

Here are a couple of surfaces I remember experimenting on:

  • my body board on the fiberglass side
  • my new wooden desk
  • the Misfit Can made out of aluminum
  • a mop bucket ( I have to say I really liked how it produced sound on that, a plastic cooler
  • My favorite, especially for the beach, the same box it came in which was so well designed and sturdy.


Very Practical To Travel With

Yes, the creativity of where you can place it is the thing I mostly enjoy. But the practical aspect of me being able to take a bluetooth speaker where I can enjoy some music with my family and those around me, is where I see the best value for its money. I have a few bluetooth speakers but taking them everywhere is not something I can easily do. With the Bass Egg, I slip into my carry on luggage or my day to day bag, and it does not take much space.


Sound Quality

The Bass Egg is probably not made for you to listen to Music when your priority is crystal clear sound quality. Depending on the surface you place the Bass Egg, it will give you a different experience.


You Get to Feel the Music

I enjoy the Bass Egg when I listen to Calle 13 or Bob Marley music that has a bit of a kick to it.

On the beach, the Bass Egg helps me feel the reggae beats which helps me lift my spirits while I am looking over the horizon.

If you’re looking for a cool speaker to carry everywhere, a space saver, and plays sounds that will lift your spirits, feel free to purchase a Bass Egg.

Disclosure: I requested a review sample of the Bass Egg and was given a review sample in exchange for using it and sharing my experience with the device.

Bass Egg Product Review