Honoring The Fallen!

Memorial Day Weekend 2005

The first time Lucy and I visited D.C. was in 2005 on Memorial Day weekend. We reached D.C. at 4pm and walked for hours. We finally gave up bit over midnight and decided to head back to the hotel. On Saturday we woke up as early trying to do as much as our short visit…

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Happy Mother’s Day!

DaddyKnows - Mother's Day

I am really enjoying this weekend. The same reason I did not create a long post for Mother’s day. I wanted to make sure that I took the time to relax and get many things out of the way so Today Sunday I could spend time with Mom, Grandma, Lucy, and Lucy’s Family. I also…

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5 Reasons Most Days Can Be Holidays

I am not much of a fan of celebrating specific holidays. I am also the same weird guy that loves Mondays.  I try as best as I can to celebrate each day as if it where a Holiday. The 5 Contributing Factors There are a five key factors that help me enjoy most of my…

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2011 A Unique Year & My A List of Those Who Made It Special

  If I have mix feelings about 2011 but when I look back it was a year filled with lessons, obstacles, and blessings. I have been reading all morning how many people had a rough 2011. For me this is difficult to say since I became a Dad and enjoyed most of it thanks to…

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Enjoying the Holidays, Fireworks, & Consumerism!

Here in Puerto Rico Christmas Eve better known as “Noche Buena” is celebrated a bit more than Christmas itself. Last night was extra special because one of the members of our extended family was also celebrating her 80th birthday. It gave me the opportunity to spend time with Mom, Grandma, Tio Irving, Lucy, and my…

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