El Huevo Dia has Monopolized Information in Puerto Rico

Comandancia de Bayamon esperando que liberen a los compañeros.
Support for those Arrested at El Nuevo Dia Protest.

I went to the Bayamon Police station to show solidarity for friends and fellow activists who got arrested. They were arrested today as part of a pacific protest to stop El Huevo Dia from being distributed today. El Huevo Dia is the Island's leading Newspaper.

El Huevo Dia has always supported the wealthy and rich here in Puerto Rico. I have been to many protests and it's the first time I see folks arrested at a protest.

If you look at the video published by Noticel you can clearly see use of unnecessary force to favor a Private Corporation who does more damage to small businesses and the working force than it claims to help.

Some Cops Trying to Use Intimidation Tactics

As I arrived at the gate, the cop in front which will remain nameless for now comes at me with 5 more telling me I could not enter the premises. Their attitude was similar of when I entered Basic Training in Fort Knox Kentucky and the Drill Sergeants wanted to scare the living daylights out of us. I got a bit nervous since I was walking alone but overall my 8+ years serving in the military prepared enough to handle this situation.

One cop cussed at me saying those who came out in support of the protesters were a bunch of Motherfuckers.  Seconds later, I had him shaking my hand as I promised him that although he disrespected fellow activists, I would not disrespect him. I also told him I expected respect from him from that point on. If there is something I learned from my Dad Don Tito early on, was to connect with everyone at a certain level. I am a Military Veteran and he is a public servant. I used that topic as a way to connect with the officer and was able to move along and enter the premises in shorts, which apparently is not allowed.

Riot Control for Pacific Protestors

I walked in and saw how they had Riot Control officers positioned everywhere.  This was an attempt to intimidate everyone showing solidarity for those arrested.

Everyone takes a different approach at fighting for change. I fight when I have to but the fight is not against the cops who receive low wages and are sometimes not even paid for their overtime.

The Puerto Rico Cops are not the Enemy

Our battle is with those that decide to pit cops against those looking for a better future for my Island.

Who are those folks? They are Ferre Rangel Family and GFR Media including El Huevo Dia and Primera Bola and the rest. They put cops and others at risk while they continue to benefit; those are the same people that are depleting the island of its resources. They have done this for decades. 

Zero Arrests Made when those tied to El Nuevo Dia are Violent

A few weeks ago Cyril Meduña the husband of the President of El Nuevo Dia María Luisa Ferré Rangel was violent and aggressive against pacific protesters. In the first video you can see how he attempts to force the door open and hits one of the activists sitting down. In the second video he lies and continues walking.

He uses shameless rhetoric of how he is working to benefit Puerto Rico. Interesting enough, the cops don't act or intercede making it clear how differently they are treated in what supposedly is a democracy.

Activists Arrested

Today activists looking for the well being of Puerto Rico were hit, pushed, thrown on the floor for standing in front of a truck not harming anyone. Two weeks ago one of Puerto Rico's elite breaks a door and hits other humans and nothing happens.

I am not sure these folks understand that by abusing the oppressed even more, myself and many others who are not actively protesting, will be present to support those who are really seeking the well being of the Island.

It's up to us to decide if we want to continue nurturing an organization as big and reckless as El Nuevo Dia.

Video by Encuadre of GFR Media Protest


  1. GilCSchmidt on August 29, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    Raúl, I FULLY support you in this action against END and its hyena trolls. I have excoriated Cyril Meduña as a businessman and investor-cum-thief in several public forums, so his presence in this pseudo-news tumor is not surprising. If you want, check out The Jenius blog for posts about this stinking “””newspaper””” company: their rapacious bloodsucking is not new. And kudos to you for showing class, dignity and a generous spirit when faced with thuggish and stupid behavior. I’d be in jail now, whereas you might have made a friend. Puts you a few levels higher than me on the evolutionary scale…

    • Raul Colon on August 29, 2016 at 4:49 pm

      Thanks for your unconditional support throughout the years. I think we all know how bad el Huevo Dia is. But we need to keep reminding the others who quickly forget the harm they do vs. the supposed social good they don’t

      • GilCSchmidt on August 29, 2016 at 5:33 pm

        Absolutely. And don’t forget the hyena-spawned shadow called the Center for the New Economy. Has many of the same cockroaches, and like I said once, it is neither one, nor the other. nor the other.

  2. Prometeo on September 5, 2016 at 7:57 am

    Looks like people are finally opening their eyes by pointing at the ones who are trying to steer their gaze away from the truth. Great job Raul.