Effective Thought Sharing

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Finding things in common between people can be difficult. Even when you are looking at what you might think is the simplest form of a visual element, can turn into something very complex for someone else who is looking at it.

Putting words together

When I write, I simply type words and formulate messages that can resonate with other people.  Later I see that the only thing those words have in common is the page or document they were printed or written on.

Jumping from Subject to Subject

I have a tendency to jump from one subject and connect it to another. I can start talking about the online world and minutes later I am talking about nutrition, a few seconds into that I jump into parenting. That is how my mind works and over time, I have seen how I accidentally create obstacles for others to understand me.

Acting that way, I lose many people during our conversations when I talk or write. We have thoughts that can take the form of images in our brain that we can only see. The challenge in having others see what you see, is creating a visual for others to understand through the use of images or text.

Using Images to Convey Messages

Months ago I had a conversation with Alan Weinkrantz and it was very interesting how he explained and convinced me of the importance of capturing photos and images. Those same images in the future will help you tell stories.

I use to go online and use images from Creative Commons on my blog posts. It really did not add enough to help with sharing my story and my way of thinking in a visual way.

Taking pictures of curious things helps with getting a message across to the readers of this blog and connects with the words in the content I create and share.

Work In Progress

Communicating your ideas so others can understand them is something I work on improving every day. The most famous writers are usually not read by how technical their writing is. They become famous because they are able to create images and transfer part of their thoughts to those reading their content.

For the next few days when you are in a conversation, sending an email, or just talking on the phone take a few seconds and analyze if what you are sharing is being understood on the other side.

I will do the same and report back via this blog!

PS: I already tested this with my previous post on trying to explain to others what I do. I got some great feedback and people really understood what I was asking for. Will continue with these small experiments.