1st Occasions Create Lasting Memories

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Almost two years ago I remember how I went over the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time with my good friend Ramon and his lovely wife Denise.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

My interest in visiting the Golden Gate Bridge was sparked by my second grade teacher Mrs. Pomales when she showed us a picture of her trip to San Francisco in front of that neat structure.  Being able to have that special moment with great friend will stay with me for the rest of my life.

My first time visiting Disneyland happened while I was working for KPMG and at a client close to Anaheim. We worked our butts off for three days and on the fourth day we left earlier (around 4pm) and visited Disneyland.

My co-worker Yumi Nishiyama and Robert Nodine where the people I was with, I have not talked to them in years and probably might not see them again but I will never forget that they where with me on first visit to a Disney Park.

Becoming Part of other People’s Memories

This same way Yumi had the idea to take me for the first time to a Disney park. I realized that I might have created a similar experience last year.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

I had the opportunity to spend time with my good friend Javier and Yvonne Perez at Disneyland. It was special because it had been the first time for Yvonne at a Disney park. A truly magical experience for all of us but I am sure that Yvonne will remember the day that she visited a Disney park( I won’t forget the first time I went to Universal in Los Angeles with her and Javier either).

Parking Area P1

My second day in Austin this past SXSW I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with James Fierce and Nando Caban. We went to have lunch at Casa de Luz an awesome Vegan Non-for profit restaurant. After Mr. Fierce was nice enough to drive me to retrieve my badge at the convention center. Given how crowded I knew it would get the first day of the conference I made sure to grab it the day before SXSWi started.

While being focused on reaching the convention center we parked the car James was driving in a building that was on Floor P1 (will probably never forget that P1 was the area). James and me made sure we remembered what area of the parking lot we had parked in. Searching for a local Coffee shop we got so entertained in our conversations that when we decided to head back to our car we where not sure in which area of Austin we had parked it.

We had the Parking Area but not the Lot

We realized that we had lost the parking building/lot instead of the parking spot. We knew very well what area of the parking lot we had parked the car but forgot to pay attention in which building we parked in.

1st time losing a Parking Lot

After we laughed on how focused we where at the smaller details of the space we clearly forgot the bigger part which was memorizing the location of the lot. Although we both dropped the ball we clearly saw an opportunity to laugh and create an experience neither of us will forget. If I am lucky enough to get old and have grand kids I might tell them about how even when I was young my memory would fail me.

Making the best of it

We had a good laugh told other people, James wrote an awesome post about it and overall we went along enjoying the rest of our experience. It also helped that a Pedi cab was very helpful in helping us identify the streets we had navigated on our way to the convention center.

Unique Experiences

When was your last Unique Experience and will you be ready to make the most of your next one?

Feel free to share what experiences you have had lately that have created possible long lasting memories?