Cellphone Usage Spotlights Opportunity for Latinos

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The last few weeks I have seen lots of posts and articles on Mobile Usage within different demographics. I myself have to confess that since I moved from Blackberry to an Iphone about two months ago I have been using my Ipad less and my cell phone more.

While reading @chrisbrogan’s blog post on HOW WE USE OUR PHONES which he presented an awesome graphic on cellphone usage created by Online IT Degree. I was very impressed with the graphic and thought on how it really relates to other info I found on the internet:

Cellphone Usage Hispanics Adults Non-Hispanics Adults
Send Txt Messages 64% 56%
Download or Listen to music 22% 15%
Mobile Game Usage 19% 15%
Mobile Social Network Usage 12% 10%
Smartphone Access 19% 23%
Compare Prices 32% 23%
Order Items Via Mobile 16% 11%
Research item for a potential purpose. 33% 18%
Access News &  Information 18.8% 9.6%
Statistics taken from blog post on moadnet.com which referenced Scarborough &  emarketer (http://moadnet.com/blog/?p=139)

Based on the previous facts here is where I see the opportunity for many companies that are still resistant to move forward in social marketing campaigns:

Since hispanics appear to txt more than non-hispanics it brings great opportunities to run permission based (opt-in) cell phone campaigns. The probability of your message being sent forward is higher with hispanics than non-hispanics. Also the hispanic culture is more inclined towards sharing cell phone messages than other cultures (this is based on my experience and opinion only). There are great tools like JitterJam (I am a re-seller of JitterJam at CIMA IT Solutions) which can help you integrate a social marketing and sms campaign.

Dowloading music and mobile game usage is higher which should make a few companies find ways to promote there products along games or maybe by offering free music to people joining a campaign. This can also open op the opportunity of maybe large companies helping not so well known artists into distributing their music which can be a win-win situation for both sides. Promotion for the upcoming artists giving great content to the community of the company distributing the music.

On many ocassions I decide to browse a website via my Ipad, Iphone, and or previously on my Blackberry. I tend to run more into companies with websites that are not enabled for mobile. Seeing how latinos use mobile phone to browse the web even more that should make it a priority for every company trying to reach hispanics to have a mobile friendly website. If you are not sure if your website is mobile friend just grab your phone right now and test it, you might be surprised with what you find.

If your site is not mobile friendly you miss out on consumers to compare prices or even order an item via their phone. On every occasion I am buy something I do my research with a barcode scanner if I see the item at a better price elsewhere I will order it online or wait a bit more. By allowing people to price check you open the doors of a company to at least have you as an option.

Out of all of them I am surprised on how badly most hispanic newspapers have such a non mobile friendly site. Most people keeps their cell phone handy and when they are searching for news or information about a recent event the first device they grab is there cellphone.

When I align the stats I saw previously with the following amazing info-graphic I see a lot of opportunities for companies to market via mobile?

Do you see the same opportunities I do? What did I miss?

Via: Online IT Degree

Photo Credit – modern_carpentry


  1. Prometeo on February 5, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    My cellphone, among other things, is my handy multi-tool for school work (I’m a teacher) and blogging. I also read lots of news on it. My cellphone is immediately available and having it there to consult right at the moment when I need it is a good feeling.