Get Treated Like a Celebrity “La Casita Blanca”

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No need to be the Mayor of Foursquare or even an actual politician or celebrity

I am a big fan of Foursquare and I can confess I use it daily. I try to check-in at most places, like I did on my visit to La Casita Blanca, I visit with hope than local business owners and management will hand out some type of perks. As of right now it is just for the bragging rights and studying how other people interact on the platform. I was very privileged to listen to @dens (Dennis Crowley, Foursquare Founder) during the @cmsummit and became even more engaged with the Social Mobile Game.

Last week I was reading @chrisbrogan’s blog as I am big fan of his and his post and he did made me focus on what is important. His post titled “Go Map Yourself” focused on how many people are so focused on being the Mayor of Foursquare than being the Mayor in Real Life.

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For the last few days after reading his post I did realize that I was getting treated even better than what some Foursquare mayors (I am still working on the discounts and loyalty perks, LOL). I did realize that even though the @starbucks I most frequently visit is duplicated on Foursquare and I am the mayor most of the time of both their baristas will treat me the same check-in or not on Foursquare.

Bacalaitos Image provided by @moncheopr

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit “La Casita Blanca” Restaurant in Santurce with a client. (following images where provided by @moncheoPR’s blog.

This place can serve as good case study on how to treat your patrons no matter who you are. I had heard on many occasions about the restaurant but being vegetarian it is very difficult to go and enjoy most “Puerto Rican Restaurants” since they are certainly not veggie friendly. I decided to go to “La Casita Blanca” since I skipped the gym this week during lunch, because my Personal trainer is on vacation (I just can’t seem to train without his guidance, I guess I can blame him for not visiting the gym this week).

I was told up front that they’re where no Vegetarian options but I wanted to spend time with the people at my client so I went anyway. On the way their I kept hearing how they where craving some “bacalaitos” (salt cod fritters).

Image provided by @moncheoprWhen arriving at the restaurant I understood why they where craving those bacailatos when you arrive you are sat down and a group of complimentary

items such as a basket of “bacalaitos”, cup of soup, and a basket of garlic bread is placed at your table.

This is even better treatment (even though I did not consume any of the items) that what I get at other restaurants where I visit frequently and I am loyal customer.  Which made me think of the Title of this Blog Post, I had never checked in on foursquare or was I a celebrity to get the special treatment I got. I did not even request anything from the Menu (the staff was so nice and helpful they kept offering me food options). Once the meal was done they asked everyone on the table if they wanted coffee or dessert and brought a complimentary shot of Chichaito.

What “La Casita Blanca” does to Exceed Expectations?

  • They offer complimentary snacks
    • No matter how much you are spending as long as you are sitting down at the table you get the VIP treatment.
    • Benefits
      • People will talk about the Free items. ( I am writing about them)
      • They stand out from any other restaurant since not many restaurants now days offer a complimentary snack.
  • They are focused on creating an experience
    • The restaurant gives a feeling for eating at a friend or family member’s house.
      • The physical plates where all different
      • Books, magazines, other house items used as decoration
    • They used Fans and vegetation to provide shade and a cool dining area. (Which probably saves them on the overhead of electricity for running an A/C) In other words they are Eco-Friendly
  • Using Creativity to Maximize their resources
    • Their great customer service and perks actually makes up for some of the weaknesses. (Nobody’s Perfect)
    • Plates where perfectly presented. I was amazed on how appealing the plates appeared to my view (A bit difficult to say when you are vegetarian and the plates main entrée is a big piece of meat).

casita blanca anisette shot

Overall even though I did not eat anything I was so amazed by the experience and how well I was treated that I decided to write this post. I guess it is the least I can do for them after actually trying the Chichaito without consuming a plate.

During my college years I worked as a waiter in my hometown of Ponce and I lately I have been involved in helping a few restaurants (@archipielagopr being one of them) linking technology (social media, websites, etc) to their business goals for my consulting practice CIMA IT Solutions ( I think many restaurants should copy a thing or two on how “La Casita Blanca” operates and apply it to their business model.

So to everyone if you are not getting treated well at the places you checkin please visit La Casita and you will be amazed and wonder why it is not that way everywhere else.

Do You have any other favorite location where you feel the same way I felt at “La Casita Blanca”.

casita blanca entrance

More Interesting Facts:

If you want to read a more complete blog post on the options of the restaurant we recommend you visiting Moncheo: La Casita Blanca

La Casita Blanca (Puerto Rican)
  • Neighborhood: Santurce
  • Address: 351 Calle Tapia, San Juan, PR 00912
  • Phone: 787.726.5501
  • Hours: M-W 11:30am-4pm, Thur 11:30am-6pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-9pm, Sun 11:30am-5pm
  • Payment: Cash, ATH/ATM, Major CC
  • Parking: Around the street. Good luck!

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