Business Lessons from TV & Jersey Shore

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I watch less TV than most people I know but on the occasions I choose to watch TV I try to get value out of what I choose to watch.

I try because I have come to believe that TV media should not be considered a knowledge source that will do you good just by watching it. If you get something out of TV is by taking an idea and executing on it. Not by watching more TV expecting something positive to happen. After all the objectives of TV channels and stations is to keep you tied to that box as long as they can.

TV executives focus on ratings and having people watching their shows. In an era where you are bombarded with information and entertainment from so many channels offline and online it is critical for them to sometimes do things that will stand out and get you engaged

Favorite TV Shows

I do watch a variety of shows depending on the season. Lately I have been watching a Chef Roble which season ended yesterday. I really enjoyed finally seeing a Chef that was pretty open towards creating vegan and vegetarian options at some of his catering events. For the most part I do watch mostly Bravo shows from the Housewives of Atlanta to my favorite on Bravo Tabatha’s Takeover (use to Tabatha’s Salon Takeover).

Business Lessons to be Learned

Over the last few months since I work along many small business owners I try to not miss Tabatha’s takeovers there are a lot of business ideas that can be applied across any small business. I guess the producers where able to figure it out the value that the show has outside the hair salon industry and this season she will be making over different types of businesses.

I am also a fan of Chef Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares where he takes restaurants that are failing and takes them for a ride by improving what they are doing wrong. This show has helped me see how many small business owners in this case restaurant owners sometimes don’t even have the slightest idea of what is going on in their regular operations. I see how critical and basic things every business owner should know are. Ramsay’s no Bullshit attitude usually ends the show with a successful turnaround for the business.

The Shore

A few years ago I remember turning on MTV and watching a new show called the Jersey Shore. The first two or three episodes I tuned in and I am not sure why I kept watching but for some reason I did. That part of waiting for a train wreck to happen where I think my brains played tricks on me and I kept watching. Five seasons later it is one of the few shows I try to watch when it airs.

Ok I by know you are probably asking yourself,”What is there to learn business wise from the Jersey Shore?”.

Snookie, Pauly, & The Situation will get your Attention

They might use tactics that might come in bad taste or not acceptable under normal etiquette norms but at the end of the day the Jersey Shore cast especially Snooki excels in captivating people’s attention. In a world where the attention span is very short they are able to capture your attention invoking emotions either by amazement, admiration, or disgust.

Made a Lot With Very Little

Other than being casted for another MTV Reality TV Show the Jersey Shore cast was able to make the best of the opportunities they had. Most of the Cast Members have made endorsement deals, published books, created product lines, and many other accomplishments which many that criticize them will never get to accomplish in a lifetime. We have to give these reality stars credit for creating a small empire out of an opportunity many in the past have gotten as cast members of MTV’s reality shows.

Giving Your Audience what they Expect

Everyone that has watched the Jersey Shore for at least one season knows what will probably happen in every episode.  On most occasions it breaks down to “GTL”, hanging out at Karma, get into a fight, and the meatballs getting wild and drunk (if you understood the terms of the Last Sentence you have watched more than a few episodes).

The producers and the cast give people what they expect. I see many businesses that fail at doing that. Once you have captivated someone’s interest or attention it is your job to give them what they expect and a bit more. Many businesses fail at not meeting expectations. Does that are successful are the ones that meet expectations and every once in a while throw in a appealing surprise.

Stick with your Values

I am a firm believer in sticking with your values to accomplish things and being yourself. Just as I truly believe many of the Jersey Shore members are being themselves this does not mean you should give away your value system to become what others consider to be successful.

I think it is a way of getting to know ourselves and understanding that when we behave as ourselves it can bring great value into our lives in many ways (example spiritually and/or financially). Look at Snookie she has made a living out of being herself. Not everyone is going to like you but in life no matter what you do you will always have people not agreeing with you. So be yourself, stick with your values, and make the best of it.

Work with your strengths and look for opportunities where people are already interested in engaging with you.

Finding the people that are interested in what I am working hard for is one of my key goals this year since one of my three words for 2012 is Purpose.  Opportunities like working along Chris Brogan and Rob Hatch at Human Business Works makes it even easier for me to connect with lots of great people.

Are you having problems finding people with similar interests know about your efforts and engage with you online or offline?

If as a business owner you are looking for ways to connect with individuals who would be interested in learning about what you are offering, I might be able to help you (and a few other readers of this blog also).

Share it here in the comments area and maybe we can talk more about captivating people and getting them interested in what you are working at.  If you feel you rather talk with me directly contact me.



  1. Ramon Morales on January 24, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    I believe you have struck at the very core of the Jersey Shore phenomenon. They are giving the audience what they want to hear and we need to learn valuable lessons from this. As a business owner, I understand and agree that the only way you can be effective is providing your customers what they need and addressing their expectations.

    I would like to address a different point which has to do with the point of why the Jersey Shore is so popular.

    But if you look at the historical antecedents you’ll recall that Norman Lear produced a show in the 70’s about a rambunctious, white working guy that hated blacks, Jews, hippies etc… This show, All in the Family, became a national sensation and made Archie Bunker a household name.

    What is troubling is that the Jersey Shore cast today are the heirs of the Archie Bunker tradition picking up where this popular CBS show left off. But Archie was an old  guy; grumpy, obnoxious and incapable of feeling or identifying with any of the people he held in high contempt. But now , we have the Jersey Shore cast composed of young people in their 20’s who represent what is most backward in a culture seeking to look backward to a bygone era of free love and absolute anarchistic values.

    If you look at shows about young people you will notice a consistent pattern of shows that become popular like the Jersey Shore with its misogyny while other shows are taken off the air because they caused an uproar for representing the truth about young people today. Why was Skins taken off the air? Why did New York Prep not survive a single season? Is it that wealthy Americans don’t want us to see the state of their dysfunctional families? And why is it that white working class people , old and young, seem to monopolize the stereotypes? Aren’t wealthy and upper middle class people capable of the same things?

    Thus the quandary in which we find ourselves today. 

    Thank you for your insights and bringing this subject forward in a way that teaches valuable lessons to us all.

    • Raul Colon on January 24, 2012 at 1:56 pm

      Just like my friend @michaeldc:twitter would say it is sad when we forget history and  
      you bring such a great point of Archie Bunker and what he projected. 

      Thanks for commenting… 

    • Payasa Agapita* on January 25, 2012 at 2:50 pm

      Thank you for this fast class of culture & media! Really enjoyed your comment :))) Specially because this is a very interesting topic for me. Have a great day!