BoriSquare Beta – #BoriSquare #April1

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A few individuals have been working on this application for quite some time and really did not put much mind into but they felt they should release it  anyway before anyone else copies their excellent idea.

Borisquare is an application with the ability to check into places even when you are not there. We clearly think that Foursquare might serve the purpose  of creating a check-in experience tailored to Puerto Rico After studying Puerto Rican Culture, we do think our application has enhanced functionality very typical with the business, political and social environments  on the island.

Here are some of the initial features we will include in the Beta.

  • No need for Specials or Offers for a Business
    • Once you checked in you can barter your way into any offer.
  • Multiple Mayors will allow for the need for everyone who is seeking attention to have a title on each venue. In our first phase we are also working on assigning similar to the Puerto Rican Governments structure  Senators by Accumulation, Senators by Region ( we will even let our users make the regions up). Other features will allow other titles to be added in our future phases like being able to assign titles to your friends even if they don’t meet the requirements.
  • Multiple Check-ins. Since most people just check in randomly with the only purpose of holding titles we have improved this feature to enable you to check-in into multiples places at the same time for en extra fee you might even be able to do it remotely.
  • You can remotely Oust someone. No need to go and visit the location just pay $.99 and we will give you a check in or as many as you want.
  • Check-ins of general users or visitors will be privat. Other will not be able to see where you checked in with exceptions. (similar to people that use their twitter on private). If you don’t see the value in not being able to see where others are then we invite you to buy our premium package where then you can browse on even people you don’t know. Take our Free Trial Using Our Coupon Code #Averiguao to get half percent off their package.
    • If you are also into having a lot of followers. The people that are really into the numbers don’t really care about relationships (we won’t judge you). Being  able to add on another package will allow you to follow 1,000 random people the first 100 people to sign up can you use coupon code #ContactHoarder.

This is minimum functionality compared to the ocean of options we are looking into. Since we saw that locally (Puerto Rico) other websites thought they copied twitter with buying a template (and offering a website with much less functionality) we are launching our beta in an application created in HTML5.

Other functions we are planning to add:

  • Multiple groups to support your titles. Similar to Puerto Rico where it is very easy to find a group and call it a political party you will be able to register a political party  (minimum inscription per part 2 users). By creating a party this will ensure all those users that don’t hav the title to grab one easily  like for example president of their party.

We would be more than happy to have you share your ideas with us on other functionalities that are tailored to the Island? Any thoughts?

If you want to apply for the beta of the application leave your comment below or sign up for

Photo credit by marycat879

Disclaimer: I am a huge fan of foursquare and this app is an April Fool’s joke making a bit of criticism of some of the social situations we run into daily here on the island either online and offline.