Awesome time at ISSA Puerto Rico Security Conference

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I have been a member of the ISSA Puerto Rico chapter since it was a created a few years ago. I am not an active member but I have gone to all 4 ISSA Annual Conference in San Juan and I have to say that they all have gotten better with time.

This year I was thinking of skipping it but I do realize that local conferences in the IT Security field give me an opportunity to spend time with my peers in the security field and many good friends I have met throughout the years. Last years conference was very well organized and I the environment was very good.

In my case I go to conferences even those like South by Southwest and I listen in to one or two sessions and then go my way making sure I make the best of my time around those that I have not seeing for quite a while.

Conferences are for Networking

Given how quickly I lose focus on someone talking up at a podium, it makes even worst when they have created a document out of PowerPoint instead of a presentation. Instead of complaining I rather step out and talk to those whom I know and other I want to meet.

Great Folks on the New Board

My friend Vincent De Hoyos is on the Board and he made sure to remind me. Although I was undecided until the last minute he made sure to be very inviting even when I called him late the night before to make sure there where still spaces available.

Initially Losing my Interest in ISSA

The first few years I remember I lost my deep interest in ISSA given that I had reserved for the Symposium and a few individuals in the local board wanted to make space for their buddies so they wanted to cancel the spaces I had reserved. Initially the reason I invited people was so they could know about ISSA like I learned about it. I guess for them it was more important to give VIP treatment to their friends and clients than come through for those that had reserve the spaces with time. Thankfully this past experience with ISSA made me change my mind.

Regaining my Interest

Having the opportunity to spend time with most of the members of the New ISSA Local Chapter Board I clearly think that I might be more active in ISSA this year than I had been previously because I see positive energy in many of them.

Making Me Feel At Home

These folks made me feel so at home during the conference that I have decided to renew my membership which I was planning to cancel.

Wanting to Get More Involved

I really want to get more involved in ISSA with this current Chapter board. I will make it a task to attend the monthly meetings and make the best of it. I want to see how I can support Vincent and the rest of the folks working on the Board.

Leaving the Conference with many things

I left with the opportunity of meeting new people, seeing old friends, and even spending time with a high school friend.

On the other side I was very Lucky that I also won a raffle where I got a New Camera from Ricoh which was sponsoring the after the conference Cocktail.

This camera came at a good time since my daughter’s baptism was the previous Sunday and I needed a New Camera. I will be posting a review on the Camera in the coming weeks.

Bravo ISSA Puerto Rico

Overall I have to say that once again the ISSA Puerto Rico Chapter did an excellent job organizing the event and I have to applaud them.

I can’t wait to see what 2012 have in place for ISSA PR and I truly want to be part of it.