A Young Mentor & A Village in Kenya

AJ Leon, Raúl Colón, and Tim Washer SXSW 2013

Throughout my life I’ve had multiple life experiences that have granted me the privilege to meet some pretty remarkable people like AJ Leon.

Experiences I cheering like the of meeting the  CEO of a Big 4 Accounting Firm and the opportunity to work along with a New York Times Best Selling Author.  I have many more stories to share where I am grateful of the awesome human beings that have guided me at the age of 33.

A Younger Mentor

This time I take the opportunity to talk about one individual who in a short period of time I have gained their trust. Something that is unique about this experience is that he is a few years younger than me but in a good way is an old and very beautiful soul. On every occasion, I get to interact or talk with AJ Leon I see how much more I have to learn from him. But what is unique is that in only a few years I know I have become someone he trusts and that means a lot.

The Misfits in Fargo

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to attend the Fargo Misfit Conference. After requesting to go to the Conference I am thankful that AJ Leon and his lovely wife Melissa extended an invitation.

I was very excited and I wanted to everything possible to go support Aj and Melissa. Little did I know that truly they where supporting me and the many other misfits in attendance. I truly had a unique lifetime experience in Fargo, North Dakota, which will pave a new path towards my future projects and goals.

Time Flies when you have an awesome time

The minutes, hours, and days flew by so fast that when I realized what had happened I was on the way to the airport headed back home.

The interactions with the awesome people at the conference put me in a good state of mind. This allowed me to overcome a few obstacles that had held me back for many months.

Focusing on A Few Things

This is the first post I have written since I got back 3 weeks ago. I had to focus on getting a few projects completed such as the launch of Fit911studio’s website.

I am also in the process of restructuring how I do business with a new name and structure. Those who are subscribed to my newsletter and blog  will find out first.

I was so into getting myself in order that I totally forgot I had committed to raising some funds for a Windmill in Gambella Village in Kenya, Africa.

The Glass Almost Half Full

This past week awesome Jessie White emailed me asking me if we needed some extra help to make sure we hit our $500 goal.

Getting that email made me realized that if I did not act quickly I was going to disappoint two of my favorite people in this small planet Melissa and AJ.

In a matter of hours we had a few donations going and in only a few days and with 7 days to go we are almost at the halfway point (at the time of this blog post being written we are at $235 of the $500 goal).

Why Be Part of the Windmill in Gambella

I get pitched on helping many other social good efforts and I truly wish I could help much more but I sometimes lack the time and more importantly trust with those other organizations. I trust the misfits the same way they trust me and if I were to ask them for assistance on any of my social efforts they would provide it.

AJ Leon, Jessie and Melissa are known for raising money and different to others they make sure the fundraising objective is met by rolling up their sleeves and working along those who they raised the money for.

AJ Leon, The Misfits, and I need your Help

I want to reach the goal of $500 in the next few days. It would mean a lot to me if you could donate $5, $15, $25 or more to this great cause.

We can reach the $500 (we need $265 goal if :

  • If you and 52 people donate $5 
  • If you and 17 people donate $15 
  • If you and 10 people donate $25

Can you help us make a Village in Kenya Sustainable?

Gambella Windmill Project


More about the Project

Support Gambella



  1. ajleon on June 24, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    Thank you for the kind words, my friend. And thank you, from the bottom of my heart for being part of this project. 🙂