Putting the Oxygen Mask on First

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Being a small business owner and struggling in this economy has motivated me into lending a helping hand to other small business owners and even larger companies. For the small business owners I have helped them out expecting nothing in return for the large corporation I helped out I did it to help out one person so they could succeed even more in there job.

Not Knowing When to Say No

Overall I try to help out as much as I can and sometimes I get to carried away and I don’t know when to say no.

I know many individuals are struggling and in many occasions I forget I am struggling too. 2011 has been a very slow year for business and I have not had a profitable month. I have pretty much been keeping my business alive from savings.

When I look back I see that I have also received lots of help from friends who I have helped out expecting nothing in return but it has been a few exceptions. Other individuals have step up to the plate and helped me out by trying to send business my way or connect me with other people and I am extremely grateful.

Business First

Something I have not been able to do since I started my business is put my business in front of everything else it is just not in my nature to think I am going to do business with every person or opportunity that arises. But I have reached the conclusion that when it comes to dealing with clients and possible clients I have to make sure we cover business first and the rest can become secondary.

Like I have explained my nature to help gets me in trouble in many occasions giving free services to people who are only interested in my help so they could get ahead. Most of these individuals make sure they benefit fully from everyone they interact with not really caring how it will go for others. These selfish individuals don’t realize that succeed you have to collaborate but overall be able to reciprocate.


If someone helps me out gives me an opportunity I have it in my head as a priority to make sure I can help them out even more than I have done before. I try to identify opportunities that they can get the adequate recognition or get more business.

Measuring how much I give

Although it goes against my nature I think when it comes to some excesses I have to analyze not only how much I am giving but I have to keep tabs on how people are taking what I have given and really benefited from it.

If you are constantly helping others and they don’t want to help themselves your best bet is to use that energy to better yourself or help someone else who will appreciate it.

Donning the Oxygen Mask First

Some of us forget to put the oxygen mask first when it comes to business. We want to help others and create a healthy eco-system so we can strengthen our local economies and get the sources of income running around us so it is easier to tap in. But if we don’t put on our mask first then we can quickly suffocate ourselves while helping others.

A good example is Warren Buffett he made sure to create the largest amount of wealth out of stock and now he is able to help many with that same money he made and saved throughout his life.

After reading his autobiography I have made serious changes in my life and I see how even though he is a billionaire I got the feeling that Warren has truly enjoyed life.

Remember put on your oxygen mask first!

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  1. Prometeo on September 6, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    One of he most beneficial tings I have learned is when to say NO and how to say it. Sometimes one has to just stop and think over what are our priorities. It´s good to be good and having a noble heart is something really rare these days but not everyone appreciates it. 

    • Raul Colon on September 8, 2011 at 2:16 am

       I have to agree lack of appreciation is something I have bumped into multiple times. Thanks for the comment.