A Few Days Without Morning Pages

Isla Verde Early Morning
I had the opportunity to take a break from my usual three-blog post a day routine. The possibilities that were brought to me the last few weeks like having long and useful conversations with my good friends like Chris Brogan and Rob Hatch (@robhatch) have allowed me to define a bit more what I need to focus on.

The morning journal

Every morning I try to write my thoughts and other things that I think might be interesting to share on the blogs I write for like papaheroes.com, veglatino.com, or even our corporate blog CIMA IT Solutions. On most occasions since the morning pages exercise is more of my thoughts I end up creating a lot of content for raulcolon.net.

My Interests

The morning Pages are an exercise that brings my interests out. In the editing part before publishing which @lucymfel helps me greatly from many aspects, I have to make sure that I can find a way to make my readers interested in what I am writing about. This is the hardest part of connecting with your readers is no easy task. Especially when there is so much good content elsewhere to read.

Being able to disconnect

Similar to when you are going to the gym, and you don’t want to stop I did not want to stop writing because I was afraid that after many months of writing multiple posts a day, these last three days would get me into an indifferent mood in which I would stop writing every day. Thankfully here I am writing a bit more about how I think I needed the break and it allowed me to focus on the conference and my new role as a strategic business partner of Human Business Works (now Owner Media).

Funnily I have been making many decisions based on my interactions on the Kitchen Table Companies as a founding member. I ended up getting coach by the extraordinary Joe Sorge who guided me into this regular exercise that has become an essential part of my daily tasks.

On my way back home disconnecting was a beneficial exercise to reach the conclusion that I still control my day and an activity like the morning pages adds to my growth instead of controlling me completely.

Having control of what you do is critical in the many things we have to approach in life. Disconnecting and being able to return also does show how committed you are to your effort.

I disconnected from Morning pages, and here I am writing again early in the morning.

What do you normally do to break out from your daily routine?