7 Reasons to automate some of your tasks

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Not only am I a big fan of using software to get things done quicker and more precisely. Software has also given me a way to live for the last decade. From working at AOL when it came into Puerto Rico as a ISP (Internet Service Provider) to now running CIMA IT Solutions, technology has brought me a lot of great things and more importantly a reason to want to learn more and more on a the vast technological world surrounding us.

Why I Automate?

1. I don’t like recreating the wheel

In my case it makes it easier because later on I can probably take something that was already created and tweak it.  Instead of recreating it I can enhance it make it more functional.

2. Learning New Things

I like to look for ways to make myself more effective and efficient. Although sometimes I run into a situation where I probably spent more time than if I would by testing a way to either make me more efficient or look for other options.

3. Having multiple backups

I can have multiple instances stored of whatever I am working on electronically.  When you always have backups and also store a few remotely you end up having a copy of what has been done before. With paper once you lost it is gone. But it also takes a lot of space.

4. The Keyboard is My Friend

I remember in grade school where they always gave me a hard time because of my sloppy handwriting. I think over time it got worst. If you look at my handwriting now you can see that at 7 years old it was more attractive and pleasant. The keyboard has allowed me to communicate via writing so that others don’t have a hard time understanding what I write. I am more than sure that other people can relate to this.

5. Sharing with others at any location

When your process is automated it allows you to share with many others. If you have a team of resources and want to share with them something remotely, having your processes automated or even better yet accessible online can improve productivity amongst teams.

6. It saves time

Sometimes formatting a document or file takes more time than creating it. If you automate a process of data entry for those tasks and documents you re-create over and over again in the long run you will see huge benefits. Sometimes paying for software does bring a return on investment when you become more productive and make those on your team more productive. Think of the people hours consumed by processes that are done manually

7. It keeps the money flowing

I automated my billing to a certain extent with Freshbooks (Affiliate Link). I sit down one time and create a recurring bill that my clients receive every billing period. For a small business like me having software that helps me with billing is a life saving tool.  Freshbooks even sends a reminder to those who have not paid you. If you are using other software where you have to manually input your recurring invoices over and over  Freshbooks is a cost effective option that you can try for free with your first 3 clients.

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Overall I see many opportunities for automating many things. The toughest part is dealing with people who are resistant to change and want to continue to do it the old way because they fear of failing when trying something new.

Being the Leader of the Pack

Since I love trying out new things I can clearly say that I am not afraid at failing when using a new technology or tool. Is you resisting change because of fear of failure? What is the worst that can happen you find out that the technology is not the right tool for you?

Fear of Investing In Technology Tools

If you fear losing money make sure you have someone to ask about technology and how it can fit your organization. For many years I have been the vendor agnostic strategist making sure that what my clients implement will bring results.

Make sure you have someone you trust when asking about implementing new technologies. Even if you are hiring them to figure it out it can turn into a healthier implementation.

What things have you automated? What things do you see a purpose in automating?


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  1. Prometeo on March 6, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    I’ve had a similar experience with my hand writing. Automating is the thing for me too.