5 Things that help me get out of bed?

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I listen to music when I need to kick start my day. Early in the morning I  write the Morning Pages which has become a habit. Since I love writing it gives me a good reason to get out of bed and get motivated.

But here are 5 Things that help me get out of bed lately

1. My Daughter

Listening to My daughter giggle and laugh makes me immediately wake up. I don’t want to waste any possible moment with her. It also reminds me that many of the things I do are for the benefit of my family.

2. Cup of Coffee

I love coffee and would call myself a fan. Although I wish I knew more about the process of making coffee or the different beans I can sure know when I find a brand or product of coffee that I like.

3. Writing

I love expressing myself and writing is a way that I am able to do it. Every morning I sort of meditate on my immediate plans for the day and the week. Writing gives me time with myself so I can schedule my day better.

Thanks to @joesorge and his recommendation of doing Morning Pages I have to say I have benefited a lot from writing.

4. Drinking a Glass of Water

It’s amazing how water can lift your spirits. Especially on a hot summer morning or pretty much most mornings in Puerto Rico. There is nothing better than sipping some water. I read this from a post by HARO’s founder Peter Shankman ” Why You NEED To Get Up Earlier (And How To Do It!)”.

5. Music

Some good music can help my day get started. I usually switch it up a bit from Bhangra to some Blues it keeps me entertained while focused.

There are many other things that get me out of bed like for example business commitments. For this post I wanted to mention the fun reasons that make me really enjoy getting out of bed.

What makes it fun for you to get out bed? What helps you get out of bed?

photo credit by wjklos