5 Things I wants lots of during 2012!

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Last year for my first post I wrote about abundance and I clearly think that post set the tone for the rest of the year, although I did not meet any business financial goals on the personal side I did have lots of abundance when it came to many aspect and most importantly a small group of people reaching out to help me in many different forms.

I guess when we define abundance it means something different to all of us. I clearly wanted to make this one of my 2012 three words but after thinking it over I decided that we should always have abundance as a word to guide us.

In 2011 I had abundance of the following:


1. Topics to Write About

I kept a pretty steady pace of writing for multiple blogs including my own blogs papaheroes.com, Veglatino.com, and my corporate blog. From 2011, I still have many blog posts I have not published and many other topics I wish to write about. I use my daily experiences and the conversations I have with my contacts online and offline as inspiration in many of these posts I wrote. I also use my blog and morning pages exercise as a way to clear my head and get ideas for future opportunities. If you are in need of a topic for your business blog or blog feel free to reach out I might be able to collaborate with you in creating content.

2. Giggles, Laughs, & Smiles

My first year as a Dad has given me a fair share of laughs, smiles and giggles. My daughter loves to giggle especially when she sees something that she calls her attention. Since she is just one year old she mixes giggles with a squeal that makes me smile and lets me know she finds something amusing. On many occasions walking in public my daughter also has a unique way of staring at people and calling people’s attention. Thanks to her many people end up smiling at me given how my daughter hypnotized them with her look (she also has a very unique way of sitting in her stroller which looks like she is relaxing at a spa).

Many of the funny events I have had during the year that made me laugh where created by my family. Every time my daughter dances to a beat and does something silly it will make me smile. Each visit I have to Grandma’s house my Uncle Tito will surely do something silly making my daughter and everyone laugh. Even when she does things I know she is not suppose to do but I find silly and funny I might want to laugh although In some occasions I able stop myself from laughing.

3. Health

I have been blessed with a healthy daughter in one year she still has not gotten sick other than when they put her shots that I consider a reaction towards the virus she was injected with. Although my dad was diagnosed with Cancer (thankfully at early stages) different to other years 2011 was full of a healthy year for most of my family. The previous year was full of many financial gains but many health related set backs in the family (I rather lose money than having my family members ill). I can deal pretty easily with having financial issues but having family members that are ill really affects my performance and my being in the personal and business sense. The only major set back was losing Grandma America to Cancer in 2011 but she is in a better place now may she rest in peace and it motivates me to carry out what she expects of me with more motivation.

4. People Who Care

I have bumped into people who truly care about my family and me and are always extending a hand in however they can. Sharing advice, sending business my way, or just sending a gift at the right time where I can continue to build or keep my business afloat.

5. Put Your Thoughts On Identifying Resources

I see how many organizations, people, and businesses fail because they are focusing on cutting costs and not focusing on bringing revenue, which I will leave for a future post. Not thinking of the resources you have and trying to acquire better resources will always put you in a difficult position for you to succeed.

For 2012 I want to think there will be abundance and how I should never forget to appreciate it. If we put our minds towards thinking on how we can accomplish things and how they will be there we can clearly align ourselves better so we can accomplish our goals.

Think of the many things you have and don’t focus on those you don’t have. Appreciate everything you have and make the best with it.

How will you bring abundance into the lives of those around you and most importantly your own?