Abundance Mentality
I ended 2010 giving thanks to people who really made 2010 a great year.

I am not a big fan of creating resolutions and sticking with them so I will be working on prioritizing tasks during 2011.

I want to make sure all of you who read my blog and mean a lot to me have Abundance.

I will be working in 2011 on creating Abudance for everyone including myself. I think many people focus to much on finding what they need and a priority for them. The people I consider successful and great human beings are always making sure people have abudance.

How can we Create Abundance for others?

I think Giving is the keyword for creating abundance. A while back I read one of the many great posts by @chrisbrogan HOW YOU COULD HELP and it really had me thinking for the last two months of the year. I recommend you to visit his list and see the great and creative ways he has been able to motivate me in giving.

Ways of Giving

Creating Awareness is the most powerful way of creating abundance and giving. By using your network to help others and letting others know about great charities, great resources, and other great things we really see value in you are making a difference Not only  are you giving to the person running the effort but you are also helping the person in need of the resource. (example: I am a Fan of these great charities on twitter @sasfapr, @invisiblepeople, @serpuertorico, and @skip1 feel free to follow them and let others know about their efforts, if you want to be more special feel free to donate). This is my favorite way of giving because by creating awareness you are empowering people and/or groups.

Referring  Opportunities to people who need it. If you are offered a job, project, work, or even a free lunch and you are not able to take it try to pass it along to the great people in your community. Or even better to someone who really needs it.

Sharing information so many people give to me daily via their blogs, online, and offline interactions. You can give someone advice that might be useful for them to make a decision, set up a business plan, improve their strategy, or just be a better person.

Buying a meal, book, bus ticket, or even socks for a homeless person (like @hardlynormal does with many of his efforts including Invisiblepeople.tv) can make a persons life change. I have been in line when someone who in my appearance is struggling left their wallet and did not have enough to pay for gas (I always look for a way to make it comfortable for the other person) and I paid for it without even them knowing I did that for them. Just random acts of kindness will bring better things in the near future I can almost guarantee it.

So start of this year thinking of Abundance by giving a little something of what you already have. Sometimes just by letting someone know you care makes a big difference!

How do you define abundance?

How do you plan to create abundance for your family, friends, and community?

If by any chance you think you might not have enough to give look at how @hardlynormal with just handing a pair of socks makes Elizabeth’s day.

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