Release the Kracken. #AYCJ Kickoff

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6 Reasons why I fly Jetblue

I am on my flight kicking off my @jetblue All You Can Jet Pass 2010 (In route to North Carolina, making a quick stop in New York).

I got on the flight and I ran into one of my favorite flight attendants Pablo (given how the economy impacted my travel during the end of 2008 and all 2009 I had not seen him as often as I use too).

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Pablo is one of the main reasons I fly @jetblue he is part of a group of Flight Attendants I admire and have lots of respect (especially the one’s that have to handle the red eye stubborn passengers who are not used to flying very often. Some of you might think I have been brainwashed (but maybe I was, who knows) but there are many reasons why I recommend @jetblue.

I still remember my first flight on @Jetblue it was Labor Day Weekend and I wanted to visit my parents in Connecticut. After many long and frustrating conversations with American Airlines trying to convince them to use the Frequent Flyer miles I earned via various months of heavy travel. I was informed that I could not use them since that weekend fell into the blackout dates and the most economical flight I could find was $950 dollars from San Juan to New York. I had been frustrated many times with the lack of customer service American Airlines had given me and this was the tipping point of when they lost me as a customer.

At that time my Dad suggested @jetblue (proving in the long term always listen to your parents). I remember my flight was $550 ($400 less than my American Airlines flight). I got on the flight and I was amazed on the great customer service I received entering the gate towards reaching my destination. I still remember my flight attendants name Brian, which really was the game changer in me choosing @jetblue over any other airline. When I told him it was my first Jetblue flight he gave me a complimentary drink and really made me feel like I was an exclusive customer.

Ever since that first flight for the last 6 years I have choosen @jetblue for all types of travel. I get heavily disappointed when I have to fly and @jetblue does not jet to that destination.

These last few years when I have not been able to travel so much as I would like, but I still felt very close to the brand by following them online via Twitter, Facebook, and their Blog. I also am very happy when I recommend someone to fly @jetblue and they have a quality experience with the airline.

The main reason why @jetblue is so successful in social media is because they are very social. A few days ago I read a great post by @thebrandbuilder (Olivier Blanchard’s The Social and the Media) in which he explains the difference between social and media. He gives an example on how just by paying attention to detail you can really make the difference and standout. In his example just a little social human interaction from knocking on someone door to handing him or her a handwritten note, or the least signing by hand a letter will make you standout from the rest. It is a great short post with a very deep message. I recommend you to read the post so you can get a better understanding on his point of view.

6 examples on how @jetblue is Social in the first 20 minutes of my flight and prior too:

A Friend greeted me. Bumping into Pablo made me realize that although I don’t fly as often I have made good friendships with @jetblue crewmembers. When I had an emergency in June and had to book an emergency flight with, a good friend @blue_syko (if you can send him a tweet to thank him on my behalf it would be great) stepped up to the plate and really helped my brother, father, and me in getting to my mothers side.

Great Entertainment. Just a few days ago I spoke to a friend that I really wanted to see the last Sex and the City movie. I was so lucky to that it was being played as a complimentary movie in their in-flight entertainment system. Looking at the other option available they did a good job in selecting diverse options.

They quenched my thirst. I got on the plane and requested some water I was quickly handed two bottles without hesitation. How many of us have been in a rush to catch a flight and end up very thirsty and the flight attendant takes forever to hand us water. I remember my only flight with Spirit Airlines I requested water and the flight attendant quickly replied with an inappropriate attitude that I had to pay for it. Her body language pretty much indicated that she assumed I probably did not want to pay for it or afford it. I was so thirsty I had no option but to pay for service with no-smile.

Created a Community. Since I bought my #AYCJ pass I have communicated with many people online. The only thing in common they have with me is holding the #AYCJ pass. @Jetblue has done a great job linking all travelers via twitter and facebook.

Flying Everywhere. Getting the opportunity for such a great price to fly to all @jetblue locations for the complete month is a great privilege that only @jetblue gives me the option to enjoy.

Helping me be more social. I can wait to see my uncle, all the good friends, family members, and business acquaintances I will get to spend time thanks to my #AYCJ pass. At the end @jetblue is helping me be more social.

So as I said Release the Kracken, and I will share all the great experiences I will have this 30 days traveling on my #AYCJ pass.

What are your experiences with @jetblue or your airline? Are they similar to mine?