Would you follow Draco or Kanye footsteps?

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A pattern I have seen throughout many social media profiles either personal or business is how people try various stunts to get other people’s attention. This mentality that any pr is good pr might not fit well in the social media landscape. I am a firm believer in sharing and spending time with people that will improve my quality of life allowing me to be myself.

Most of the issues that I have seen arise through social media are around individuals who are self promoters and are trying to do anything to capture attention. For some reason locally in Puerto RIco I have seen how a few individuals who call themselves Public Relations professionals are using these antics to grab a following. The only thing these PR professionals that carry these huge ego’s don’t realize that people might read your tweets, status updates, or even a blog post but that does not mean you have built a community.

If you grew up listening to Menudo you probably have heard of Robi Rosa better known as Draco. Robi Draco Rosa started his career in Menudo. Draco to his fans is admired for being an awesome dancer, song-writer, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor. Draco’s great work has been influenced by Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Iggy Pop, Jimi Hendriz, Johnny Cash, Luis Alberto Spignetta, The Doors, Caetano Veloso, and Glenn Danzig amongst many others. My younger brother also became a fan of Draco at a very early age when he became a fan of the movie Salsa where Draco showed off his dancing and acting skills.

I admire Draco for the music he has created but something where I really admire him is the loyalty he has towards his fans. I have been present in various Draco Concerts and I have to say that I got a lot more than I expected. A few months ago I saw Draco at a Borders store where he was doing a In-Store event and he stayed for at least 3 extra hours until everyone got to shake his hand, a picture, and/or autograph. One of his latest videos also included video created from his fans and included some of his most loyal fans in the video including my friend from Brazil @deiahakita. See Following video:

On the other side there is the Notorious Kanye West someone who is very musically talented but I really have no respect for. Kanye is known for many controversies such as Calling Former President Bush a Racist (in which he later apologized), using an image of him as Jesus wearing a crown of thorns, and where lost complete respect for him when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s after she had just gotten an award. Kanye might have a lot of talent but his PR Stunts have made people lose respect for him.

When comparing Kanye and Draco I have to say I have enjoyed their music but I have bought more of Draco’s albums and paid to see him in concert. I am more than sure that I would not buy any of Kanye’s work or much less pay to see him in concert. Draco over the years has created a solid community which has helped him build loyal fans.

Draco seems to live a close to normal lifestyle by creating great work that many other artists have used he is able to enjoy life and not have to deal with the issues of being followed by paparazzi or the drama Kanye has to deal with.

I have seen how some people online act the same. They use PR Stunts to get attention from everyone and don’t realize that their is a big difference in building a community and getting your 15 seconds of fame.

In my case I try to follow Draco’s example of creating great content and demonstrating what he can do (not bragging about it) and not forgetting about the community that supports him. As for Kanye I only wish he would stop pulling those PR Stunts it only makes me and other not want to listen to his music or support his work.

What approach would you take being like Kanye with his tasteless PR Stunts or like Draco which has a very solid community that supports him unconditionally?