Why are we such fans of strangers?

Super Bowl 48 In New York City

There is a good reason why I try to stay away from sports. I like watching them but I don’t like the energy that comes from choosing a team and then seeing it fail.

I guess I get enough of those failing feelings as an entrepreneur to subject myself to I feel I have little or nothing to gain.

A few nights ago I watched the Super Bowl. With the Patriots history of using anything to win, I had to go for the underdog  Seahawks, who played well.

Strangers Triggering my Emotions

It was a great game until I started to see the Patriots creeping up and then take the lead. For some reason I started to get angry and I caught myself. I had to remind myself that those on the field are complete strangers. It was only a game and that my relationship to each player on the field was no more than watching them maybe once a year on screen.

Humans like to be Fans

In our human nature we forget to be human first. We usually take sides and choose teams, religions, ethnicity, nationality and the list can go on.

I like the aspect of teaming up with others that have common interests. What I don’t like is when we start getting ill feelings because others choose another team or religion.

I always give  those hot headed team fanatics an example. If your are going through a tough moment in your life, you can count on these strangers for support. For the most part these strangers in uniform live pretty extravagant lives for us to worry about them because they lost a game.

My Opinion on Fanaticism

The problem with fanaticism is usually that it is a one way relationship between the fans and those they sort of idolize. Even if the idol would want to return those feelings back it would be impossible.

So as I see Patriots fans bashing Seahawks fans and vice versa, I want to remind you that the person close to you cares a lot more about you than any of the team members you are defending.

Invest your Energy in Those who Care about you

I put my energy  into making my Limonade team and family win. I don’t feel like spending it on millionaire athletes who have different struggles than I do.

So who will you root for, your home team or those close to you who are fans of the other team?