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Not too crazy about “Who To Follow”

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Many people (including myself) are not crazy about Twitter’s “Who To Follow”.

I have seen many complaints and even people requesting to have the feature removed. I received the feature a bit behind others that had complained already and then I understood some of them.

In my case the vast majority of followers that appear are the following:

  1. Celebrities that I don’t feel like following.
  2. Users I never felt like following.
  3. Or even Worse Users I stopped following for a good reason.
I think one of the options to make it more functional is maybe logging when you click on the “x” to close the user so that specific follower does not show up again. I have had to block a few people since I really don’t feel like seeing their names once I open my twitter directly online.

Today my friends at @followfridaycom launched a new tool on their website which might be able to help you identify followers who are recommended by the user you are following. I went ahead and tested this during the Private Beta Testing and found it a lot more useful then the Notorious “Who To Follow”.

The MyFF is a tool that recommends users based on #FollowFriday recommendations by the users you follow. Going in line with @micah’s (creator of the #followfriday) objective of using #FollowFriday as something useful for people to recommend the best users in your timeline.

Some of the benefits identified by @aartiles24 one of the creators of @followfridaycom he discovered users who he not noticed on his timeline but had been mentioned 10 to 15 times on his timeline on Friday.

@aartiles24 also explains on how simple and practical the tool is he gives you the following step by step:

  • Authenticate with your twitter account clicking on the MyFF button and in only seconds you will receive a list of the most recommended people last Friday on your timeline.

  • The list will be ranked by the number of #Followfriday recommendations.
  • You will also have the opportunity to see which users in your timeline recommended that person.

The MyFF algorithm is also very simple:

  • We verify whom you are following. Only the last 5,000 users you followed, just in case you follow more than 5,000, which is a good sample to get useful recommendations
  • We do not take into considerations recommendations of followers who do not follow the @followfridaycom Ranking Rules and neither will they be recommended.
  • We do not include those users who you already follow
  • This list is only generated once a week, and only can be accessed after each Friday once the ranking for that Friday has been completed.

There is also one important note @aartiles24 comments on the blog post:

If you follow few people this tool might not be as effective and will give you few recommendations.

I think after being frustrated with the “Who To Follow” feature that might have been a good idea and might be working for some. I really find useful the MyFF tool since it additionally allows me to the following:

  • Only see people that where recommended by the people I Follow.
  • Lets me see who recommended the user. Which for me is important since not all the people I follow are of the same interest to me.
  • It is simple hassle free

Once again I want to thanks the @followfridaycom team @aartiles24 and @javierburon for enhancing my use on twitter with great tools.

Can you find other uses or features to add on to this tool?

Will you use it or at least try it and leave your recommendations or even better yet compliments to the @followfridaycom team.

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