Viejo San Juan Bay Sunset

Old San Juan Bay Sunset

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My Thoughts on the Image

I use to plan my days with lots of details. I surely got lots of things completed during the day. My question looking back was how deep did I go into each thing I planned, created, and fixed.

For the past 6 years I have had the chance to go more at my pace and focus on serving our clients. In the past I had focused on pleasing my co-workers, bosses, and on occasions even competitors.

Now I get to put all my energy into what I am crafting. I get to analyze and understand each component. By digging deeper I am able to connect how one element plays each part in its environment.
Yesterday as my afternoon plans disappeared I took the opportunity to walk around a small area of old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The above picture of San Juan Bay is a result of me shifting and focusing on what was around me. The sunset yesterday and my plans shifted. But today is a new day and a new week approaches.

What will you have accomplished meaningful before the next sunset?