Trying To Delegate

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Being able to delegate is something not many people are comfortable with doing. It can be difficult for a small business for the following reasons:

Sensitive Projects

If you are working on a sensitive project you don’t want the public to have knowledge of what you are doing until it is appropriate. As a small business owner I have opted to share many things that it might have been better to share at a later moment. If you have a sensitive project make sure you fill out a Non Disclosure Agreement that can safeguard you from others completely stealing your ideas and projects.

Finding Trustworthy People

Years ago I would trust everyone and many of you know what happens when you do that. Overtime I have begun to only trust a few people around me (which I refer to as the exceptions). For the last three years I have been focusing on identifying and filtering those people I trust and making sure I stay away from those that I don’t trust.

Lack of Processes

Most business always has flaws in their process (nobody’s perfect). In the case of a small business and start up it can get even more complicated because people are building the business more focused on processes on improving the products and services.  They easily forget processes on the administrative and support side. If you don’t have an adequate process in place it becomes very difficult for you to delegate tasks to someone else.

Resources with the Right Expertise

Finding someone that knows what they are doing is the most difficult part of being able to delegate. Given how many people want an opportunity to work we all end up with resources that say they can do a certain task just because they want to earn income. Make sure you have a way to identify resources that are experts in the area you wish to delegate or outsource. Sometimes it is worth it having someone that you can hand them off the project and they take care of the rest.

Lack of Capital

If you don’t have the capital for resources it is a lot more difficult to delegate certain tasks. Maybe you need to outline what resources you have to offer to make sure you can get your business off the ground and get the much needed help. Sometimes it is a matter of looking at what tasks you can handover to someone else like cleaning your apartment, washing the laundry, or even cutting the grass. This way you can focus on the core things that are not as easy to delegate.

It is a huge plus when you have people you can delegate jobs to0.  This will help greatly in reaching your business goals and healthy growth of your resource and business.

On my side I have struggled with getting most of the internal stuff delegated. I use many tools that help me keep afloat but I think I am at a point where I need someone to help us out which I can delegate many things too.

What things are you willing to delegate? Is it easy or is it difficult?

Let’s discuss any other ideas on how to take some things off you plate and have them completed.