Taking The Fear Out Of Experimenting

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Many of us are always looking for new opportunities. Some of these opportunities arise when we try to improve or fix a problem we identified. A few weeks ago I was talking with my good friend @margieclayman and she was not feeling well. She had tried a new treatment for her allergies and although the previous treatment was working she decided to try something new. I identified with Margie very quickly because I am always looking for new and if possible better options to solve my problems. I applauded Margie for giving a new method or option a try that was the only way she could figure out if it would work or not.

Everyone has trouble trying new things like moving on to a new profession, trying to find a fix for allergies, new line of business, offering new services, offering a new product.

The one thing that is consistent for many when trying something new is the fear of failing and not being able to make it happen. I see so many people that are troubled that if they try something they might fail that they paralyze themselves with the decision and never move towards the goal.

I am Too Optimistic Sometimes

In my case I have a hard time understanding those that are too worried of failing. My personality makes me to continuously experiment with many things and give it my best. My only problem that even when it fails I seem to stick with it trying to revive the project and I have been known to emotionally attached myself to projects.

If I see an opportunity I stick with it and try to make it work no matter how many obstacles are put in front of me. This attitude of trying new things has brought me the opportunity of identifying new areas where I can continue doing business. Like for example we set up a local job board, which got us at CIMA IT into creating websites and blogging. The job board allowed us to connect with many individuals which in turn ended giving us a better knowledge of how social online networks work.

The job board failed greatly but it opened new paths where we took what we learned from the Job Board and applied it to other things we where working with at the moment. If I would have never attempted the job board or gave up too quickly we would have not had the opportunity to move along doing plenty of other things that have been great smaller projects.

When you try new things it gives you the opportunity of eliminating and seeing what does not work for you. While you are eliminating options you are also getting better and making enhanced decisions that will help you in the future.

One thing to remember especially if your project fails is that you have to keep your head up high because you had the courage to try something new. Many others would not be able to build up the strength and courage to attempt something new.

Failing is a way for you to get closer to getting to your goals by eliminating something that did not work for you. Stay focus and give it your best. If you need any help feel free to ask for some in the comments area.

Give it a try the worst that can happen is that you might find many answers to the questions you had in your head.