Preparing for the Big One

Isla Verde Evening

I wake up this morning to find out that an earthquake had shaken Puerto Rico. Many  went online to share their experiences (which you can find with the hashtag #temblorpr) and this morning I found my feed inundated with comments. Thankfully the fact that they were online expressing their concerns, gives us the idea that communications…

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Preparing for something that might not happen

Isla Verde Beach

When I wrote this the island was under close watch for Tropical Storm Isaac and for some reason the storm decided to slow down. After all the preparation we did, Tropical Storm Isaac did not do much harm to my Island and any land that it hit afterwards. Importance of Preparing Preparing is something we…

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Storm Readiness (72 Hour Bag)

A Storm is a Brewing - photo by Raúl Colón

Living in the Caribbean most of my life I have gotten use to preparing for tropical storms and hurricanes. I usually have enough supplies and food to last me well into a few weeks during hurricane season. Now that we moved to an apartment it is a bit more complicated to store all the items…

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