A Guide Towards One Less One More

First Carmelite Convent in the Americas. Hotel El Convento in Old San Juan

4 years ago I was sitting in the audience at an event where I met some of my online friends for the first time in person. (Chris Brogan, Steve Garfield, Tim Washer, and Justin Levy). I also made some new friends. Out of the great group of people I met, I had the privilege to…

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Revised: GroundHog Day! What Shadow will you Cast?

Look Forward and Work Hard to Improve IT

Post Originally Published on 02/02/2012 was reviewed as part of my annual GroundHog day reflection exercise. After watching the movie GroundHog Day with Bill Murray where Bill’s character perceived every day as the same. It also gave him the opportunity to improve just one day over and over again by learning of his mistakes in the…

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