Return to the Gym

Photo by Raúl Colón Text using Over

For some reason when we leave the gym it is so difficult to go back. I guess thinking of what we have to sacrifice to get back to where we left off can only make it harder on us. The reality is there are no shortcuts when it comes to fitness.  Your best bet is…

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Some Exercise Too Many Excuses

Juanga and Me Isla Verde

As a kid  I use to participate in Indian runs when we had physical education, in the military they used to call them Fartlek runs. Fartlek that according to Wikipedia means “speed play” in Swedish, consists of running a certain distance at a higher speed and slowing down your pace or walking for a few minutes…

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Getting into the Spirit of Running

Since August 2010 I stopped going to the Gym continuously and have not returned. I got so used to working out with an awesome personal trainer and my good friend Pedro, I know for a fact that I will not get the same results I get when I train with him when I train on…

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