Supporting Our Veterans

War Memorial in DC

Coming from a family of veterans makes veterans day a special one.

Both of my grandfathers were in the U.S. Army. My uncle Reynaldo Rosado served for almost 4 decades in the Puerto Rico National Guard. In 2003 he was the highest ranking officer from the Puerto Rico National Guard in the the Combat Theater.

My best friend and brother from another mother Alex Burgos has served two tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. Alex has to be the most condecorated veteran in my family. Alex won many awards for bravery in the battlefield as a Sapper and combat engineer.

Raúl Army Picture

Circa 1998 – Fort Knox, KY

17 Years Ago

A few days ago on November 5th, marked 17 years of when I decided to enlist and join the U.S. Army.

I was 17 years old when I enlisted and did I not know what I was getting into. I was lucky enough to get out a little over 8 years later without going into combat.

Seeing the wounds and scars are veterans come back with is something I feared the most. Those combat wounds that are not visible not only affect the veterans but affect their families.

Supporting our Vets

I am always thinking of ways of supporting our veterans. Yesterday our client Nicko from Uncle Gussy’s decided to offer a free meal for Veterans in his food truck.

I went into my old photos of visiting DC on memorial day in 2005.  I found one so we could share on Instagram and Facebook so we could promote how Uncle Gussy’s supports veterans on a special day. Nicko does many things for his community and he keeps quiet about it. It’s great that today I get to tell others on how he is giving back.

Veteran's Day Free Meal

Supporting Our Homeless Vets

On my last trip to Chicago this summer I remember walking by some veterans who were homeless. I did as much as I could at that moment for one. I hope it made his day.

My friend Mark Horvath does this everyday supporting veterans who are homeless and getting them into homes.

Mark walks the streets of the U.S. seeking how to share the story of those who are homeless. Many of those he features are veterans who after returning for combat ended up in the streets.

So today you can Thank all the veterans you want. I suggest you also find a way to support organizations like Mark keeps veterans off the streets and back to the lives they deserve.

Make a Donation

I will make my donation and I invite you to stop and skip 1 or 2 coffees at your favorite place to support our homeless veterans.

What Other Ways Can We Support

To My Veteran Friends I thank you for your service and let me know how else I can support you. Share in the comments or contact me directly.