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Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

A good friend of mine @joeprog has used one of his passion for entertainment to create a central repository of opinions and interesting information in mostly areas of the entertainment industry. There are many sites similar that are in english but very few are in Spanish and continuously updated.

The main page will take you quickly to recent news, conversations on twitter related to Vortice, latest movie trailers, reviews and essays. If you are like me that wants to keep up to date on the latest movies then going by Vórtice Online will help you with staying up to date very quickly.

Vortice’s areas are divided by subjects or type of content in which I really enjoy the navigation and the user experience of getting what they need in various organized ways.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico
By Subject
  • Film – Cine
  • TV
  • Comics
  • Animation – Animación
  • Internet
  • Books – Libros

Type of Content

  • News – Noticias
  • Essays – Ensayos
  • Podcast
  • Reviews – Reseñas
  • Links – Enlaces

So if you are looking for a spanish based entertainment site including all the above mention topics feel free to visit Vortice and stay up to date.

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Any other sites that are spanish based that serve a detail niche like Vórtice Online?