Meat Company Spamming a Vegetarian Pizzeria

Vegan Pizza

There is something that pretty much everyone on the internet hates and that is spam.

For some reason everyone hates it but more people take the approach to send unsolicited emails to potential vendors, clients, and anyone else’s email address they bought from a list.

Puerto Rico’s first vegetarian pizzeria

My friend Isa Laborde founded the first vegetarian pizza and is also known as a talented baker.

Peace N’ Loaf is the only place on the Island I can have pizza and know where all my ingredients were sourced. I also know that the dough was made by an experienced baker.

Healthy & Vegan Pizza

The dough is healthier and tastier than in any other pizzeria. I say healthier because they don’t cut any corners and also stay away from ingredients such as “Potassium Bromate” which is illegal in many countries except the U.S.

If you read up on Potassium Bromate you will see that many pizzerias and other places use it to make a higher profit on your pizza. The issue is the ingredient comes with a cost to the consumer; a health cost because it does not play very well with our bodies.

Dairy Free Pizza

What I really love is that I also get to choose from cheese substitutes that are made in the restaurant from scratch or my favorite vegan “cheese” Daiya.

Having worked in New York for a few years I consider having tasted many types of pizza.

I can tell you that Peace N’ Loaf is so delicious it brings me memories of those pizza slices I ate in New York.

Now back to Spam

The two things I dislike greatly are spam and hurting the environment.

I hate it even more when people are lazy and decide to do both.

A Meat Company Sending Spam to a Vegetarian Pizzeria

The company, Northwestern Selecta, appears to have taken a list of emails from a another source and sent spam to many pizzerias.

I am sure some brilliant individual in their management decided it was easier to buy or steal a list to send spam instead of building their own list.

The Lazy Spammer

The problem is Northwestern Selecta does not take their time to even read over the list to see if those they are spamming are possible customers.

They ended up offering great meats to my favorite vegan/vegetarian pizzeria.

So I read my friend Isa’s post on Facebook.

Northwestern Selecta

I realize many companies want to cut corners. Because of being lazy, now Northwestern Selecta is on the bad side of many.

Not that we would buy their products anyway.

Why so Lazy?

But why do folks support this type of laziness when attempting to create a sale or build a relationship.

If they are not willing to build a relationship with possible buyers and cater to them, imagine once they have you buying from them, how will the service be?

I remember my first job out of college was working for Conagra Foods.

It was amazing how some of the suppliers would bring back meat and other products that were damaged. The reason some products were damaged was due to independent truck drivers trying to save on diesel by turning off the fridge in the truck.

Since I was part of the accounting team in charge of doing inventory on what was being decommissioned, I remember a popular seafood restaurant who used to buy what was already expired at a heavy discount. They would served it to the clientele as the fresh catch of the day.

The heavy preparation of most of the restaurant’s plates and lack of knowledge from his patrons, made them get away with it for years.

Where else are they cutting corners?

My thoughts are, if a Meat company is cutting corners in their sales and marketing process, I wonder where else are they cutting corners?

How are their products treated?

Having a company spam you is a good indication of the values they have and how important they see a relationship with a customer.

So next time you get spam from a company, think about how they are probably cutting corners on other things.

They would rather start a relationship by not respecting your time and your inbox.

PS: Spam is also Illegal.