RIP Comandante, Thank you for freeing Rafael Cancel Miranda

Hasta Luego Comadante

After a very draining week, I wake up to the news of Fidel Castro passing away. My opinions on Fidel might be different than those I have read today.

My dad was part of Puerto Rico's Socialist Party seeking it's independence way before I was born. Before that, Fidel Castro had already won the revolution in Cuba.

My father collaborated with Juan Antonio Corretjer and many other nationalists. Many of them who had a direct relationship with a Fidel.

A Different Perspective on Fidel Castro

Because of my life experiences in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, I have a different perspective about Fide Castro. I see Fidel Castro's body of work as a critical one that brought balance to this side of the world, especially the Caribbean where I was born and have lived most of my life.

Fidel freed our Hero and Patriot Rafael Cancel Miranda

Weeks ago I was invited to sit down next to our real Hero and Patriot Rafael Cancel Miranda. Don Rafa was released as a Political Prisoner from the U.S. thanks to Fidel Castro's help. Rafael Cancel Miranda's "pardon" was an exchange of detainees from Cuba with the U.S.

If it were not for Fidel, Don Rafael would probably still be in jail like Oscar Loper Rivera.

Growing up next to the Cuban Community in Exile

I also grew up around the Cuban community in Bridgeport, CT. During the 80's there was a large population of Cubans in exile in that particular city. Many of those Cubans left Cuba because they did not agree with Fidel after the revolution.

Bridgeport a haven for Cuban and Puerto Rican Nationalists

Fidel went to Bridgeport and many U.S Cities to find capital to finance his revolution. The money he collected came from people in the U.S. that overthrew Batista.

I have read a couple of books on Fidel and the Cuban revolution. History is a passion of mine that comes second after trying to understand how business works.

Global Citizens Admire Fidel

Many people today on the Island saw what Fidel did for Cuba. He prioritized necessities and quality of life over material things. Recognizing the legacy, he left behind for those that can open their minds is important. He took many lives but saved many others.

Fidel Castro's influence Beyond Latin America

Puerto Rican Activists who Admire and Respect Fidel

Sentiments of Fidel Castro

5 more Things You should know about Fidel

Would you prefer Health Care or Black Friday Deals?

Those that stand in a line and battle someone else on Black Friday might see Fidel as the enemy. Those who have flown to Cuba to take advantage of the advances in Medicine might see his overall work as a Hero.

Fidel always stood next to the World's Marginalized

Fidel's Government always stood firmly next to the marginalized. You won't see any coal burning plants depositing their ashes in Cuba. No Wal-Marts employing workers at a low wage and not paying taxes.

You won't see someone not being able to get medical attention because they can't afford it.

There is an extensive list of things Fidel did right and other things that he did to keep himself in power.

I respect the Opinion of my friends who are of Cuban Heritage

Some of my friends have a different perspective. Friends in the communities of Cuban Exiles mention that he should not be a called a President because he was a Dictator. We reside in a Colony where we don't get to elect our President and it's not much different.

Fidel looked for the collective well-being of his Island. Past, current, and future Presidents will never prioritize our Island's needs. Obama came here to collect money for a campaign for a few hours and cares less about what happens on the Island.

What President Does Not Have Blood On His Hands?

Can we call a country's leader a president because he has no blood on his hands? I can name many U.S. Presidents that have more blood on their hands in an eight-year term than Fidel who was in power for many decades.

Puerto Rico can learn a thing or two from Fidel

I look at what Fidel accomplished when it comes to basic human needs on his Island, and I have to admire his body of work.

We're living in moments where our Island is being sold off to the highest bidder, our coasts and environment are being destroyed because the rich want to become wealthier.

Our health on the Island is in jeopardy because of corporations trying to make a profit and kill our own. The marginalized communities are taken advantage of when they are paid minimum wage by companies like Wal-Mart. Those same companies extract millions from the economy without paying taxes.

In summary, Fidel might have done many things which are questionable. Castro el Desleal was one book with a complete and fully story on Fidel. That book offers many angles to his life.

Rafael Cancel Miranda a True Puerto Rican Patriot

Thank you for Freeing Don Rafael Cancel Miranda

I thank El Comandante for giving Rafael Cancel Miranda his freedom.

Comandante Que Descanses en Paz y Gracias por regresarnos a Don Rafa.

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  1. on November 30, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    Thanks for the nice opinion. This is very shocking news that we lost Castro. Fidel always stood next to the World’s Marginalized. Fidel’s Government always stood firmly next to the marginalized. People will remember him with respect all time. This type of person not comes always. Thanks for share.