One More Walk on The Beach

No electricity at the house means long walk on the beach. #Puert

Every day we are presented a set of options some are opportunities others are obstacles and we need to look at how to approach them.

Flash Flood Hiccup (Too Much Water)

Last night I waited over an hour to get to be able to park my car at my apartment complex since the only vehicle entrance was flooded. I had the option to push through and risk my car having future issues or finding a quick solution.

I decided to park at the Walgreen’s near by which has a vast parking and I notified that manager of my situation. I mentioned I would be back to get my car in 30 minutes when the water level had gone down a bit.

A half an hour later I walked back in the light rain to get my vehicle and I was able to park it. This morning we woke up without electricity and water.

No electricity (and Not Enough Water)

Running an IT and Digital Marketing shop having electricity is critical for us. We do have some backups in place but since the day was going to be a slow one anyway we decided to take a longer walk on the beach than usual.

So as we waited for the repair crews we walked enjoyed the ocean breeze and observed over the horizon to see if we are lucky enough to see dolphins again (its the time of year when they visit us here in Isla Verde).

My morning without water and electricity turned out to be a relaxing one getting me ready for a challenging afternoon to close out the week.

As my Jewish friends would say Shabbat Shalom!