Writing with less distractions thanks to Ommwriter

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I love writing and use a good amount of my day typing on a screen and creating content. On many occasions, my biggest problems are the distractions. Rob Hatch (@robhatch) from Human Business Works (which myself and my company CIMA IT are a Strategic Partner) suggested an application that helps with the part of concentrating while writing. I have been using it for my morning papers for a few weeks and it really has cut down on the time it takes for me to get words on the screen.

When I use word or pages I end up being distracted by the many icons and alerts that are on my screen. Once I see I have an email or someone sent me a message via any other channel I feel the need to find out what it was and to anwer it as quick as possible.

Clean Screen Full of Tranquility

Thankfully Ommwriter will  provide you with a blank screen with some texture behind that is relaxing (you can also choose around 9 backgrounds ).

Turns off Alerts

Ommwriter turns off all your alerts so you can concentrate on adding words to the screen instead of all the other distractions you may have during the day. It also provides you with some tunes that are relaxing and help you concentrate.

It also has other features like using a few fonts and choosing the font size. It also has a series of typing sounds that help you keep going. Once you have finished the document you can go ahead and save it as .txt or export it as RTF or PDF.

I really like the features of being able to use your complete screen for writing and also being able to leave as much whitespace necessary making it pleaseant to write without lots of clutter.

I personally prefer to use the largest font available and leave enough space on my screen to write that I can only see the previous 3 or 4 lines.

I have to say that the investment of buying this app for my Mac has really helped me get writing out of the way and cut down on my distractions .

I have been able to produce content and also have fun while I do it. It is also very user friendly and takes a few tasks off your hands since you just have to open the app and your settings are stored. When I was writing on pages, I would have to set up the screen to full, open itunes and search for adequate writing music, then go back to pages make sure I also saved along the way.

With Ommwriter I just open it and start creating content.

Are their any other apps that you find useful that help you with your productivity? So far I am very happy with my purchase of Ommwriter and would recommend it to all of you that have to write and keep distractions at a minimum.