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Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Friday Night was full of energy and a good mix of great and awesome people. I have to admit that the first Barcamp I went to in November I went with one goal meeting @mark_hayward someone who I have admired greatly online and wanted to meet him in person. I was able to meet my goal and exceed it by meeting a few other individuals which I have been communicating for the last few months.

Once again I have to thank @gcollazo,  @jpadilla_ , and Rainer. for the great job once again in organizing a great @barcampsj. Another thing that made it even better was how they improved the facilities even more to create a comfortable environment for all the attendees I clearly think many organizations should follow the example of  Contactica’s Team.

I started the evening sharing past experiences on being vegetarian on the island with @analovebug warming up for my presentation. I had the opportunity to spend some great time talking and meeting the rest of the @Kolapse team. I had previously met Jorge (@prodigioso ) and have kept great communication and admiration since he spends a lot of time helping out non-for profits using his talents.

I also had the opportunity to meet up with @muriente who I had met at @chirp last year in San Francisco it was great meeting the only other Puerto Rican at @chirp.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Excellent Presentation

I was treated by the folks that voted for my presentation to kick off the BarcampSJ presentations. I really appreciated the help I received by @wiltonv when he helped me detail a few more topics of my presentation. Having someone like @wiltonv who I admire for his work with @tecnectico made it worth the effort of setting up the presentation. I also received and appreciated interest from @carlosdavila which made a great questions towards making your blog stand out.

Later in the evening I had the opportunity to meet by Karla Venegas who spoke to me about her website and legal practice On very few occasions I am very impressed with a great name for her company, awesome logo, and a clear explanation how it fits into her business.

I ended the evening spending time with great people and friends like @therealgabo , @joeprog , @gabrielrodz , and @dr_zu.

Although I was tempted to stay online given the great company I had to maintain myself offline.

Who sponsors your offline networking time?

When do you make it key to disconnect and spend time with awesome people?