Nine Puerto Rican Secrets @ABC_dotcom Needs To Know

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The days go by and many individuals continue to create awareness based on how Amaury Nolasco’s Character said a line that offended many including myself on ABC’s “Work It”.

In life hindsight is 20/20 so if we could rewind back and give the writers, Amaury, the producers, and generally the folks at ABC a different approach at what many think was an attempt to make a simple joke. Yet in life the simplest things in life can become the most complicated. But in my effort to turn this around I want to simplify this for ABC representatives offering my suggestions on a better approach at what was televised.

So Many Positive Options

I personally could think of hundreds of lines he could have used I am sure my good friend Julio (@julito77) and George (@urbanjibaro) of even more. One of the reasons I live on the Island is because I love the qualities of those who consider themselves Puerto Ricans. What a better place than the Island itself to have the experience of the great things Puerto Rican’s do every day. I can clearly see the positives winning against the negatives a reason why I have chosen Puerto Rico as the place where my daughter will grow up in.

Yes I know there are negative things happening but I rather take an approach of identifying Solutions than just mentioning them and not doing anything about them. The same way if you run a business you need to identify income sources and go after them instead of looking at costs without focusing on how you will offset those costs.

If we had a Time Machine

On that Note I recommend we all look for solutions to our recent misunderstanding with ABC.

If we could rewind back in time and repeat the line I have some suggestions for the writers and Amaury himself so this situation does not repeat itself. If the purpose of his line was to demonstrate that he was great at doing something because of his character (and him) being Puerto Rican, then here are some characteristics I clearly know Puerto Rican’s have so they could create a line that would have giving a better representation of what the majority of the Puerto Ricans are.

Sharing the 9 Secrets

I believe these 9 traits appear to be secrets but I have experienced them throughout my 31 years as a Puerto Rican Myself.

1. Hard Working

I have been working since I am 12 years old I set up my first small business when I was 14 grooming dogs and I enlisted in the military when I was 17. During College I held multiple jobs to pay tuition and get myself through college and after that I have worked for large companies including KPMG one of the Big Four Accounting Firms. I can continue creating a biography of how I think I am a hard working individual but I think it would be better to have Amaury touch base with his roots and see how many hard working individuals hold multiple jobs even after finishing college some even have earned multiple degrees.

2. Never Giving Up

For many Puerto Rican’s leaving the island searching better opportunities their only main objective is to be productive and reach their goals. They leave what they know aside looking for an opportunity to sustain themselves and their families. I would like him ABC executives to see how many single mom and dads I see sacrificing themselves daily to make sure that they can give their children the best opportunities available in the future.  These individuals never give up because they believe in making it better for themselves and for their own.

3. Academics

I would like to find reliable stats of how the Population of Puerto Rico compares to other places when it comes to higher education. We are obsessed with learning more and making better of ourselves. Many like me take the approach after leaving college of learning on by reading and on collaborating with the people I consider good at what they do. The vast majority on the island take another avenue they go back to college to finish MBA, Masters, and PHD’s. Look around and see how many Puerto Ricans you know with Graduate Degrees or leaders in their industries.

4. Selfless Citizens

Another interesting fact that Puerto Rico is one of the top territory when it comes to people serving in the U.S. military per Capita. Our soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen have sacrificed their lives for the U.S. in many wars and battles. Others continue to serve when some can’t even vote for the President while living in Puerto Rico.

Talking about selfless any person in the military can tell you the sacrifices service members & their family members go through during deployments and even on the financial side throughout their careers. Our service members in my opinion are not compensated in line with the sacrifices they make. As an ex-service member serving 8.5 years (Army and Army Reserves) I can confirm this from seeing many peers with their struggles. .

5. Communicating & Connecting

One of the things that made my life easier while working in New York City was my ability to communicate with everyone a skill I had learned from my fellow islanders.  One of the hardest things for me in New York City was seeing how disconnected people where from the people around them. I invite you to walk around the island go to a mall, a plaza, any public place, and smile at someone and see what happens. While you eat at public places everyone you come in contacts is accustomed to wishing you “buen provecho” similar to Bon appétit. If you get the opportunity to stand in line there is a high probability someone will eventually start a conversation with you. We are great at connecting and communicating a great skill to have in any profession.

6. Hospitable & Caring

If you are visiting the Island or any Puerto Rican household, like for example my parents house in Connecticut, you can rest assure you will be offered the best hospitality. Not only are Puerto Ricans passionate about being hospitable but also they are even more passionate about their food. I assure you in a visit they will not allow you to leave without feeding you (or even getting you drunk) offering the best they have in their household. In the case of my Dad if you strike up a conversation with him anywhere he is known to treat people for lunch in appreciation for the fact that someone connected with him. So if you are looking for a free meal and are in the Connecticut Area just find where my Dad is eating lunch at and he will I connect with him I am sure he will treat you to lunch (100% Guaranteed- if my dad does not take care of the bill feel free to send me a receipt with a picture with my Dad of when you had lunch with him and I will reimburse your meal J ).

7. Using Creativity to Solve Problems

Over the years we have seen how on such a small Island we have produced many well-known celebrities and stars. Some creative folks that go against conventional ways of thinking like our own Calle 13 which one a large amount of Awards during the past Latin Grammy’s and does an excellent job at creating awareness of many issues.

Given the many lessons the ups and downs of the Puerto Rican economy, not only are we creative in arts like my friends and very talented artists Rick Lipsett (@ricklipsett), Ivelisse Brignoni, and Erick Carerras but they are very creative at finding effective solutions for personal or business problems. Believe me we do our research and given our skills at connecting our networks are vast and full with individuals in many areas of expertise that will eventually lead into the best solution of your problem.

8. History Buffs and we’re Good at Geography

We live on such a small island full of enchantments we also like to look at the outside and learn from other countries. We know the world is connected and does not revolve around us.  This has forced us to learn our own history and those of other countries. Since we also like to explore other horizons and many want to visit, travel or, live in other places we are fairly good at geography. I would say that on average we know U.S. History and Geography better than the Average U.S. Resident (I am no expert on the subject this is just based on my experiences). What a better person to have on a job than one that understands different cultures and understands that the negative aspects of history should not repeat itself.

9. We Unite for A Cause

Puerto Ricans are also very good at uniting for a Cause they can identify with. Like many other places, we are divided because of Religion, Politics, Sports Team Fanatics, and other factors, we make sure we connect as humans when there is something wrong. I saw this almost a decade ago when finally Puerto Rican’s had enough of the issues going on in Vieques with the Navy bombing the small island paradise. Puerto Ricans where able to unite and find allies to have the Navy leave Vieques and stop the bombing.

These past few days I have also been moved by the thousands of individuals supporting the Latino Rebels, Puerto Rican Alliance for Awareness, and even my previous posts on the matter. What a better example than uniting to make sure things go the right way.

Open Invitation

I wish that ABC’s executives reflect on how they can use other positive Puerto Rican traits and characteristics by implementing them in future scripts and story lines.

If they are still not convinced I offer myself as a tour guide and facilitator to teach them the many qualities Puerto Rican’s have and the great things my island has to offer while they can:

  • Enjoy a Medalla.
  • Drink some Piña Coladas made with Don Q.
  • Enjoy many of festivities that are always going on in the island.
  • Get enchanted by the smiles, greetings, and warm vibes of our people.

I am leaving an open channel of communication so we can learn what else we can do to make my Island a better place. This way even ABC would think twice of broadcasting a message as negative as one stating that Puerto Rican’s are Drug Dealers since we are aware of the Secret Puerto Rican traits!

Any other Secrets you would like to share?

What other Qualities or Factors can you think of that Amaury could use in future lines representing Puerto Ricans that are positive?

Feel free to share in the comments area!

A special thanks to Robbie Vorhaus for helping me focus on the many positives we have in our culture similar to the many positives other cultures have proving once again there is only one race, the Human Race. 



  1. Latino Rebels on January 9, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    We are tough. We are here. We are boricua and Amaury is cool, We are a forgiving people but this is a great opportunity to educate the world. And even change it a bit.

  2. Berni Xiong (sh-UNG) on January 10, 2012 at 9:39 am

    And that’s why you’re my primo. Love this post. Thank you for enlightening us with this insight. I hope ABC takes heed and attempts to correct their mistake. You’ve given them many powerful reasons to.

    • Raul Colon on January 10, 2012 at 10:02 am


      Thanks for the support! Hopefully they can see further than those stereotypes and realize they made a mistake in projecting us that way! 

  3. Littleboop1010 on January 10, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    We as PR are also very family oriented, we make sure we take care of our elderly n do the most possible to keep them home in their enviroment when they r sick. We also r very good to our children we let them stay home as long as they need to even when turning of age.

    • Raul Colon on January 10, 2012 at 5:32 pm

      @f44a5543c53a9c4689ac57aac9c477f1:disqus , 

      I have to agree with you. Very family oriented I have friends older than me and I am 31 years old that live with their parents and siblings. We are also very resistant to leave our old folks at a retirement home.  

    • Lucy on January 10, 2012 at 8:08 pm

      Hey Carmen thanks for posting your thoughts. You have brought a great point to the conversation!

  4. Joseph Armington on January 29, 2012 at 10:43 am

    I agree. Puerto Ricans have herculian hearts. JoJose