New Milestones

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

I am currently entering new endeavors where they are not all connected directly from partnerships to new projects. I need to make sure to continue delivering on previous commitments while trying new things.

I love to Experiment

I’m a strong believer in non-stop experimenting and as time goes by I want to make sure that I have no regrets.  Every interaction and time invested will eventually return something back. Its what you make out of what you receive that will decide where you are headed next.

Past Milestones

Today mark’s 20 years of when we moved over to Puerto Rico when I was a kid and 4 years since I started CIMA IT. I personally think that things are looking a lot better than how they have looked on average the past 4 years. I give it my best every day to get closer to where I want to be.

I realize I need to focus even more on critical areas that can make me stronger. That will be the only way where I can be able to achieve my new milestones and change a few things that need to be improved.

A few days ago I saw the previous video from Gary Vaynerchuck where he sent the message that before we change the world we need to change our small world around us.  We might not be able to change many things that affect us directly, but we always have a choice on how to deal with even those things we might not be able to change at this moment.

Are you up to the challenge of changing your small world first?

How do you work towards keeping all your ideas, dreams and goals in check so it can lead into changing the world around you at least? 

What milestones do you have in place?